Professions and 10 Man Raiding

Every hardcore raider takes a profession. Even most casual toons take professions just for the fun of it. And, most professions are useful in some way. Blacksmithing gives you keys, as well as two additional sockets, alchemy gives you additional potions and duration, etc… Starting with Wrath, Blizzard decided that they were going to split … Continue reading

A Brief Rant on Pally Tier Art

Warning:  Stream of consciousness and rant to follow: MMO-Champion just released this artwork datamined from the PTR. Let me start by saying, save for the Judgement set (which is widely considered to be the best set artwork in the game), paladin tier sets have just blown.  The latest tier (8) on live makes paladins look … Continue reading

Too Much of a Good Thing…..

I saw the new Transformers movie Wednesday night.  I liked it, but it had its flaws. I was reminded of a story that I heard in middle school – it was a modified version of the King Midas story (the one who turned anything into gold when he touched it).  In the version that was … Continue reading

Ret’s 3.2 Changes and T9 Set Comments

I am glad that I waited to take the time to post this up, as T9 set bonuses appeared on the PTR.  I’m not going to comment on everything, but I did want to hit on a few key points that are going to shake our combat up a bit. According to many sites, 3.2 … Continue reading

Inside Joke

I have updated the header – temporarily, for my guildies.   Ya’ll should get a good laugh out of it!

And…. FAIL

I totally published an article on saturday for delayed post here.  I have no idea where it is, I am going to look for it now. Come to think of it, I think I set the delay timer too long.  LOL…  First of, what will probably be many, Fails. Sorry! Edit:  Yep!  I failed at … Continue reading

Blogger Credibility

When I finally realized that I wanted to start a blog, I sat down and thought about what the topic of the blog would be, how often I would post…   Could I maintain a posting schedlue?  Do I enjoy the writing enough to actually follow through with a blog? While I was getting my thoughts … Continue reading

Now, to think of a title….

Alrighty, so I have most of the back-end of the blog set up the way I want it.  Most of it is stuff that you will not see, but things that will make my life a bit easier (and who’s brilliant idea at wordpress is it that automatically sets all comments to require moderation?  BLEH!) … Continue reading

Shrink this, expand this, click this…. Oy!

The response I got from my first post was absolutely overwhealming.  Thank you all for your kind words! I never ever in my wildest dreams I would receive such comments on my first post. I have a lot of ideas in my head for great posts.  But for now, bear with me.  I want to … Continue reading

In a nutshell….

Hello world! Those are the starting words that every new blogger gets when s/he opens up a new Word Press blog.  Far be it from me in my humble beginnings to delete those words (although I hope Word Press will indulge me the convenience of moving them from the title). The Point Of The Blog … Continue reading