Shrink this, expand this, click this…. Oy!

The response I got from my first post was absolutely overwhealming.  Thank you all for your kind words! I never ever in my wildest dreams I would receive such comments on my first post.

I have a lot of ideas in my head for great posts.  But for now, bear with me.  I want to get the blog set up a little bit more.  I have been tweaking things behind the scenes, so not much that you are seeing, but stuff that is going to help me keep things neat and clean.

I was asked what my name was in the last post.  My WoW handle is, and will forever be Firespirit, or Fire for short.  That is my Main’s name, and most of my alt’s have some variation on that.  My IRL name is Shawn.  No, I’m not going to give out my last name.  Sorry, not happening.

Larisa – Yes I have been reading blogs for quite a while, and posting comments even more recently.  But, I feel there is such a big hole in the Paladin community that I might actually be able to get in here and make a little elbow room for myself.

I have updated my “About” page, so take a look there.


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