And…. FAIL

I totally published an article on saturday for delayed post here.  I have no idea where it is, I am going to look for it now.

Come to think of it, I think I set the delay timer too long.  LOL…  First of, what will probably be many, Fails.


Edit:  Yep!  I failed at not recognizing the post time.  It should be posting in the next few minutes.  I’ll keep an eye out for it, and fix it (again) if it doesn’t.

Edit #2:  The post finally posted, but it is below this one.  Hopefully that process will go a bit smoother next time!

2 Responses to “And…. FAIL”
  1. Tutunkommon says:

    Heya, Fire!

    So far, so good. Looks like you are getting the groundwork laid out and hitting the groove.

    Best of luck. I will try to pop in and read when I can. Not playing anymore, but still haven’t gone completely “cold turkey”. LOL.



  2. Lorgrath says:

    Favorite blog post category ever.

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