Blogger Credibility

When I finally realized that I wanted to start a blog, I sat down and thought about what the topic of the blog would be, how often I would post…   Could I maintain a posting schedlue?  Do I enjoy the writing enough to actually follow through with a blog?

While I was getting my thoughts down on paper, a bit of a….  scandal?…. for lack of a better word, rocked the paladin blogger community.  Ferarro, who is one of the most prominent bloggers in the paladin community, was found to have been stealing posts from another blogger.

Outside of how I feel (Read:  Scum of the earth), I won’t beat a dead horse.  Rather, it brought another thought to my mind – Blogger Credibility.

One of the first things that college teaches you in Literature 101, is that you have to establish a relationship with your reader.  How do you do that?

In fantasy you draw the reader in.  Immerse them.  Make them forget that Dragons live in a fantasy world.  Make them feel the flames licking on their skin, singeing the hair of of your skin.  J.R.R. Tolkien was fantastic with this, and so is J.K. Rowling.

In Non-fiction, you check your facts.  You endlessly research, finding obscure refrences with the tiniest relevance to your topic, and you cite it.  Then, every good writer presents the reader with evedence to the contrary and then tells the reader why he should dismiss it.

But in the blogging world, how do you establish credibility?  To a limited amount, you can draw the reader in.  After all, I will be writing on a topic in which we are all interested in – WoW.  But there is only so much space for a post.  I am not going to be writing novels here

Fact checking can, and will be done.  I will present my theories for you to review, confirm, test, and dispute.

But one thing that can be done in WoW blogging (or gaming blogging of any sort, for that matter) is to simply lay my experience out.  How long have I been playing the game?  Do I raid?  Am I a roleplayer?

Originally I had thought I was going to stay completely anonymous.  I was going to avoid throwing myself to the world (like another blogger did – *coughFERRAROcough*).  You would have to take each post on the merits and credibility of the crafting of words and theories.  But, as I thought about hit long and hard, and it dosent bother me to let my toon be known.  I have posted long enough on the “official”forums to tolerate any armory bashing.  As Ghostcrawler would say, I have to have a thick skin.

So without further ado, I present Firespirit, my main toon.  He has been retribution for the entire time that I have been playing wow, with nearly 70 days /played.  I joined WoW just as they did the great leveling XP nerf in old world.  I dinged 66 during Midsummer fest nearly a year ago (holey moley Its been a while!).  I am currently Dual-specced into Holy, and I help the guild out with heals when I can.

I am housed in the Muradin realm, with one of the best guilds I could ever hope to play with, Knights of the Forgotten, in which I am a “Commander” (think one rank above officer, one rank under co-GM).   We are a large sized guild (300 toons), that is uber casual.  We do raid, and I am a member of the team.  We are currently focusing on 10 man content.  We have a mish mash group that just downed the cat lady in Ulduar (I was not present for that kill), and have another, full guild raid, that farms out naxx. The whole guild is a big family.

So there it is.  That is my feeble attempt to establish a bit of credibility before I start throwing out my opinions on where we are as a class, and where we need to go.

Lets get to some fun stuff now 🙂

Edit:  Sorry to those who are subscribed to my RSS – I know that I probably just borked it.  New Blogger is New, and after publishing it, realizing it was published at the wrong time, resetting the time, republishing it – Sufficed to say I borked the post.  I had to delete it and recreate it.  LOL to my first FAIL.

2 Responses to “Blogger Credibility”
  1. Larísa says:

    Building a relationship with your readers will probably take you a long, long time. At lest that’s my experience. I blogged for months and months with no readers but a few guilders who I more or less forced to read… 🙂 Some months later I turned the blog into English, but for a very long time I had no more than 20-30 regular readers and comments were rare, maybe once a week or so… So be patient. Very patient. And comment a lot on other peoples blogs. Finally they’ll find you, but it takes time. That’s probably why so many bloggers give up within a month. They don’t have what it takes to wait it out.

  2. Firespirit says:


    Thanks so much for the kind pointers!

    I am having too much of a blast right now to even consider giving up! I have so many creative thoughts going through my head, its nice to have an outlet, even if I have a very, very…. very small readership right now 🙂

    Besides – you are one of my inspirations, and when I got the notice that you commented on my blog, I just about did a back flip!

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