Ret’s 3.2 Changes and T9 Set Comments

I am glad that I waited to take the time to post this up, as T9 set bonuses appeared on the PTR.  I’m not going to comment on everything, but I did want to hit on a few key points that are going to shake our combat up a bit.

According to many sites, 3.2 is going to put a bit of a hurt on Pally PvP – Namely because of the removal of SoM/SoB.  It hit hard, it judged hard, which led to the frontloaded “Burst” damage that the Developers want to move away from.  The replacement of Seal of Vengeance/Corruption and Seal of Command is going to even out burst.  Command hits a heck of a lot less hard now, and the judgement damage it does is nothing to write home about.  SoV/C has some great damage… IF you get 5 stacks up on the target.  I forsee a bit of seal swapping in raids for pallies in PvE – going to SoC for trash mobs, and SoV/C on bosses.  The biggest question that is unanswered for me right now is  – What are they going to do with the SoC Glyph?  If they keep it in the game (which I expect not, at this point), and simply rework it, it may just push SoC into the frontrunner of DPS.

Other changes – Quoted from MMO Champion:

  • Exorcism: Now has a 1.5 second cast time, but can once again be used on players.

Wow, Ret pallies finally have a castable spell.  In PvE this is going to remove the spell from the early rotation, only being rotated in when we have a free GCD, which is going to be a lot less frequent because of the Crusader Strike changes, listed below, even considering it is now effected by Art of War.

  • Art of War: Now only applies to melee critical hits, but will make your next Flash of Light or Exorcism instant.

This is where I think we are getting a *tiny* bit of a damage buff.  For me, I crit about 35% of the time – a bit lower than I would like, but not to shabby.   Even considering they are changing this to only work of of melee crits, the uptime on Art of War should be pretty decent.

  • Crusader Strike: Damage reduced to 75% weapon damage to match the new 4 second cooldown.

One of the biggest problems with Ret’s combat rotation is that there is none.  It is a First come-First Serve with Highest priority on the big hitters (*pant*) rotation.  Which means, in a nutshell, we spam our biggest hitters first, and wait for the cooldowns to light back up, and hit whatever comes up first as fast as we can.  Its twich gaming at its best.  Often times, we are sitting, waiting for 2 or 3 GCD’s with nothing to do (besides maybe throwing out a heal or two if there is mana to spare).  This CS change is going to even things out a ton, and reduce the “Dead spots.”  In return, it hits for less.

I honestly take this as a buff for good players, a nerf for the facerollers.  Those that time their cooldowns, and do a bit of theory crafting are going to see a smoother rotation, and I think a slight DPS increase.  If you don’t, then you are going to see more conflicts with “which button do I hit first?”

Overall, I don’t think they really did a ton to redesign the Ret Combat mechanics, like we were expecting.  That will probably come in the next expansion.  Although I do think that the addition Exorcism on Art of War is interesting, we will have to see how it plays out.

On T9 Set bonuses:

  • 2 Set bonus:  Your Righteous Vengeance talent now has a chance for its damage to be critical strikes

The more and more I see set bonuses today, the more and more I am convinced that blizz is trying to push out the “OMG!  Did you see that bonus?  That is going to so totally rock, dude!”  I think they are trying to go with the “That is a nice bonus, but nothing to get worked up over.  If I loose it, meh….”

That is how I feel about this bonus.  How often will it crit?  They are not going to give it near the crit chance of your melee attacks, or they would have stated it.  There is probably the standard 45 second cooldown on that ability too.  This will be a DPS buff, but how much is going to depend on those factors.  I doubt it is going to be noticeable.

  • 4 Set Bonus – Increases the critical strike chance of your Judgements by 5%

For those using SoC – this will even out the damage on your judgement.  Since it is lower than what SoM/B is currently doing, this will push SoC up a little higher, but still not quite where SoM/B used to be.

For those that will choose to go to Vengeance/Corruption – This will be a buff.  I haven’t done the theory crafting on it, but I don’t expect it is a huge buff, just a small “perk.”

So there it is, the 3.2 changes as they stand.  Things will change, as it just hit the PTR, so we’ll see how it plays out.  I expect that ret pallies are going to start seeing their damage is going to be like an old Delorian starting up – shaky at the start, but once we get humming, watch out.   We may just end up with a trail of fire behind us (RANDOM POP CULTURE REFRENCE!).

P.S. To all the healers who hated me cutting myself…   You wont have to worry about me so much after the patch.  The big boys are making me stop cutting myself, and putting me through rehab.

3 Responses to “Ret’s 3.2 Changes and T9 Set Comments”
  1. Dump says:

    I am still waiting to get on the Ptr to see the new numbers myself but from what I have been hearing from the forums so far doesnt sound real promising.

  2. Tutunkommon says:

    Cutting yourself? I thought that was warlocks….

    Quoting Silver:

    “I am a warlock. I cut myself for mana”

  3. Firespirit says:

    @Dump – let me know! As it is, I cannot access the PTR. I’m going to take the time to theory craft out the Judgement Set bonus just for the kicks of it. I expect *maybe* a 1% overall dps increase – which is rather lackluster in the Set Bonus category, especially a 4 piece.

    @ Tut – LOL, yes, you all do. But, you didnt get a chance to see endgame for wrath, especially on loatheb in Naxx. Alliance finally got the Seal of Martyr and it damages your toon for greater DPS. On Loatheb it wasn’t uncommon for me to crit myself to the tune of 6k damage+. Lor hated me. I’m sure he still has resentment from the first shot a Loatheb, when I nearly gave him a heart attack 🙂

    Edit: Because I can’t freaking type and spell at the same time.

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