A Brief Rant on Pally Tier Art

Warning:  Stream of consciousness and rant to follow:

MMO-Champion just released this artwork datamined from the PTR.

Let me start by saying, save for the Judgement set (which is widely considered to be the best set artwork in the game), paladin tier sets have just blown.  The latest tier (8) on live makes paladins look like giant trash cans.  T7 (and by extension, T3) wasn’t much better.  There were large spikes on our shoulders and helm (I.E. – The reason I ditched the helm graphic permanently on my toon), that looked like I could lop the head off of my healer if I got too close.

T4 is where it really started becoming a train wreck – Paladins wrapped in fruity colors! T5 and the honor gear for BC was simply EMBARRASSING to wear.

T6 wasn’t so bad, but because of the very limited ability to acquire it, not many wore it.

Now comes T9, and I am pretty sure that the model they are showing is going to end up being the artwork they use for the set.  My thoughts?  Well now, at least we are getting somewhere!  Were moving away from the dirty incinerator trashcan look of T8 and onto a more reasonable set.  This looks like something a paladin would wear.  I still think the headpiece is a little overdone, and what is with the spikes on the shoulders?!?!, but at least its not a faceplate (OMG, come on blizz, who would wear a faceplate like T8 into battle?  Sure as heck wouldn’t be a paladin!).

5 Responses to “A Brief Rant on Pally Tier Art”
  1. ixobelle says:

    rogue tier 8 is like you’re inside someone’s mouth… like you’re wearing someone’s face, ON YOUR HEAD, and peeking out thru their mouth… lemme dig up a screenshot, thank god I don’t really play the rogue enough to actually get gear:

    i’d take a trash can anyday over THAT.

  2. Lorgrath says:

    Oh I like! I hate looking like a kitchen utensil or some barbaric torture device in my T7.5. Very un-holy.

  3. Firespirit says:


    Wow ixo! Thanks for stopping by to my humble little new blog!

    You’re right, rogue T8 is pretty bad, but pally tier is pretty much the laughing stock of the game. I think it is the secret priority of the dev’s to see how awful they can make them before paladins just stop collecting tier gear.


    LOL, Kitchen utensil! I had never thought of it that way. I can’t count the number of times I would have lopped your head off had those spikes on my shoulders could actually damage you.

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