Too Much of a Good Thing…..

I saw the new Transformers movie Wednesday night.  I liked it, but it had its flaws.

I was reminded of a story that I heard in middle school – it was a modified version of the King Midas story (the one who turned anything into gold when he touched it).  In the version that was told to me, it was chocolate.  The King couldn’t drink without water turning to chocolate syrup in his mouth, he couldn’t sit in a chair, it would turn into chocolate!

Thats how I felt about the Transformers movie.  There were too many transformers.  There was never a chance to really get a good emotional grasp on any single bot, besides Optimus Prime.  It seemed the goal was to entertain the patron with non-stop smashing and explosions.

Sometimes, that is how I feel Ghostcrawler is with the message boards.  GC is great, don’t get me wrong.   He has a big job, and he communicates to the community more than any other developer.  However, I can’t help but think that he comments a bit *too* much.

Right now there is a big theme in the paladin boards.  Basically, Paladin healers think that they are far too limited in the ability to heal – basically just spamming Holy Light on a single target.  This problem gets worse as you go through Ulduar and manage to start downing Hard Modes.

There is something to be said for a play style that leads itself to just one button mashing.  I know I wouldn’t have fun doing that.  But at the same time, would we be seeing complaints as much as we do, if GC were posting Much, Much less?


The Forums have always been a boiling cesspool of anger.  I think, however, that the GC posting has people believing that they have more of an influence in game design than they actually have.  And that is the disconnect with the forum community and the Developers.  GC routinely asks for suggestions.  But, how often does he take them?  And when he doesn’t take them, doesn’t comment on every post, then we get a disconnect that grows even further.

In the example above, GC Posted this (quoted from mmo-champion):

1) We [paladins] have reasonable mana regen.
2) Why? Because then every problem doesn’t look like a job for HL spam.
3) Why? Because we can keep the tank up with the tools we’re given, unless we’re in a hard mode, in which case we better be at the absolute top of our game, fully flasked, with the best gear available and a raid that has practiced, practiced, practiced.

In a time when more and more people are complaining that the content is too easy (boy, havent we heard the end of that one yet?), #3 really rings to my heart.  Whatever happened to try, try, try again?

It seems the solution today is to go to the message boards and complain to the dev’s that something is broken with the class, rather than put some good old elbow grease into it.  And sometimes, I think GC too often bites the bait.


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