Professions and 10 Man Raiding

Every hardcore raider takes a profession. Even most casual toons take professions just for the fun of it. And, most professions are useful in some way. Blacksmithing gives you keys, as well as two additional sockets, alchemy gives you additional potions and duration, etc…

Starting with Wrath, Blizzard decided that they were going to split up raiding. No longer would raiding be a 25 man only venture. All raids would be accessible by 10 people as well as 25. Initially this was billed as a “separate, but equal” path to endgame. Upon closer inspection, however, 10 man is not equal to 25. Each 10 man is approximately one half tier lower in loot distribution.

Another thing is professions. My primary profession is Blacksmithing. In early Wrath, it is indespensible for getting decent gear. Most plate wearers get thier first epics from blacksmithing, and I almost always wore something crafted to lvl in, and it was generally a little better than the greens that came from quest rewards.

A significant portion of any profession is what it lends to endgame. In the case of Tailoring, Blacksmithing, and Leatherworking, you can find patterns in raids that you can craft. This craftable pattern is gear from that tier of content. Consider it a “perk” of your profession.

Except if you are raiding 10 mans.

All current profession drops in the current tier of progression content (and it looks like the Coliseum will be no different) will be limited to 25 man raids.

As of right now, I am not feeling the incentive to keep blacksmithing. It holds no benefits, outside of the keys and extra sockets. Its a shame really, because one puts a lot of pride into their profession list. At 70, I put nearly 5000g into my blacksmithing to get it up to 300 to help benefit my guild (well, that and stormherald make me want to crap my pants, it was so awesome).

Are other professions seeing the same slump? I am curious. Outside of Jewlcrafting, which gets all of its new recipes through a daily, and inscription (thought world drop books), I don’t really see the equality to professions. If you are not going to give us equal gear, at least give us a bone with some decent profession recipes.

4 Responses to “Professions and 10 Man Raiding”
  1. Your left shoe says:

    I can’t really check blue posts at work, but I’m faily certain patterns for the professions as well as the orbs drop on 10 man

  2. Firespirit says:

    @ Your Left Shoe

    If there is a blue post, I would love to see it. I triple checked loot tables at wowhead, and nada for 10 mans. The official armory does not list sources for the recipes, so I can’t triple check that.

    Maybe they will drop at a GREATLY reduced rate on hard modes? Not sure, my guild hasn’t started taking on hard modes to be 100% sure (and wowhead dosen’t split up loot tables in hard modes), but on regular 10 mans, no drops of profession recipes.

  3. Joe Ego says:

    I know we receive profession drops from 10 man Flame Leviathan with 2 towers up. That is, in fact, why we try to do +2 more often. I do not know what kind, except they haven’t been Engineering.

    Since Wrath there are very few dropped recipes. It seems professions are being used as more of a character customization option anyway. So gathering profs get certain stat buffs. Crafting profs get specialized gear enhancements. Engineering is a good example as there are very, very few recipes to be found outside of the vendors. Simultaneously, Engineers have been known to cry about the poor performance of their tinkers/enhancements relative to other profs like BS, JC, LW, etc.

    Blacksmithing appears to be one of the more popular min-max professions just because of the 2 extra gem slots. BS & JC is a popular combination with prismatic gems but that will probably go away with the release of epic gems.

    • Firespirit says:

      @ Joe

      Thanks for the info! I wish wowhead put a loot table for 10-man hard modes, then maybe I wouldn’t look like a fool 🙂 I honestly did research this. Now I cant wait to get to hard modes to finally get some use out of blacksmithing.

      I have joined Jong (forbearance) in converting my mining to JC for the JC/BS bonus, but also because I feel like, as it is, other than the bonus BS is just about worthless. Any gear that you can make for yourself is out-geared in early heroics, and most of the items (save for 1 or 2) sell at a loss for the mats.

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