Anyone Know?

I’m working on my JC post for tomorrow.  It contains a bit of screenshots that I have yet to take, so it will be up tomorrow, but probably late.  It will also probably be in its own tab at the top. Just curious for anyone on the PTR – I have a couple of questions, … Continue reading

PTR Update – Seal of Vengeance

Alright, so new PTR Build, new QQ. Yes, I am going to QQ here a bit. As many of you know Seal of Blood/Seal of Martyr is going away.  The Self Flagilating is ok for some religous sects, but not for WoW Ret Pally’s.  Thats ok, fine, dandy.  With encounter mechanics going the way they … Continue reading

New Banner Header

Hey all: Any ideas for a new banner header?  I don’t want to go with the overused pic of my toon, but something a bit creative.  That, and the spirit healer is getting a little old now.  Any ideas?

Why The Hybrid DPS Tax Isn’t Working

For a long time, ret wasn’t really a viable spec.  In vanilla wow, the tree had no cohesiveness – it was the tree where “everything else” was put.  In Burning Crusade, we got a bump, but because of the admitted inequality, and VERY heavy reliance not only on gear, but group comp, it was hard … Continue reading

A Preview of Upcoming Posts

Two quick things: First, I am very sorry that I missed Monday’s post. I think of this blog as a creative outlet, and I do not want it to become a job – ever. I was busy over the weekend and had a rough Monday and Tuesday (hello sunburn so bad, you cant move!). So, … Continue reading

Bring The Player Not The Class – Pro’s and Con’s

Ten’nen recently brought up a point about requiring certain classes for future raid instances. He argues there is no reason not to need certain abilities in raids – a good example is Mind Control for Instructor in Naxx. At the core of the argument is that BTPNTC has gone a little too far and pushed … Continue reading

Passion and Rememberance

WARNING – THERE ARE HEAVY SPOILERS IN THIS POST ABOUT THE MOST RECNET HARRY POTTER MOVIE.  IF YOU DO NOT LIKE SPOILERS, TURN BACK NOW.  THIS IS THE ONLY WARNING I WILL GIVE. The WoW player base is perhaps some of the most passionate people on the planet.  Take a gander at the official forums, … Continue reading

Re-Inventing Professions of WoW – Cooking

Spinks, just a little while back, wrote a good article on how crafting effects mmo gameplay and how it might be re-thought.  There are two important points in the article that I would just like to quickly point out.  First, that crafting in mmo’s mostly don’t allow for great customization.  Second, its not rare enough. … Continue reading

Un-Intentional RP

An interesting Conversation came up a while ago in Guild Chat.  Our raid leader and a few other raiders were online alting it up well before the raid, and we had the option of working on Iron Council or Ignis, so he was taking votes as to where we wanted to start our night of … Continue reading

Paladin Q&A – Huh?!?!

I have been thinking about how I would respond to the Q&A that was posted.  I am still not sure.  I guess what best encapsulates my feeling is “Umm….   Really?  You make us wait this long and…   Really?”  I guess, reading it, there is just not a lot of information in there.  There … Continue reading