Fair Winds and Following Seas

Two posts in one for you today.

First off, I have added a new tab at the top, many of you may have noticed.  Its going to be the home of my L2 Ret guide in the works.  I want it to be a little different than most paladin guides, kind of a refrence rather than a how to.  Of course its going to be a how to, but I don’t want it to feel like a how to.  It will be multipart, so lots more to come.

Secondly, we are loosing Forbearance to the nether.  Jong had a writing style that I don’t think many can truly match (although Ixobelle comes close, but for different reasons).  In the grand tradition of the navy:  May you always have Fair Winds and Following Seas.  I will leave his link in the blogroll for a bit, before I sadly have to send it into digital oblivion with his blog.


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