Bring The Player Not The Class – Pro’s and Con’s

Ten’nen recently brought up a point about requiring certain classes for future raid instances. He argues there is no reason not to need certain abilities in raids – a good example is Mind Control for Instructor in Naxx. At the core of the argument is that BTPNTC has gone a little too far and pushed homogenization over the top.

I disagree. I think that BTPNTC has actually helped the game. Lets look at the pro’s and the con’s of the system.

CON – Class Homogenization

This is the biggest argument that I hear when I hear that BTPNTC has failed. Simply put – all of the classes have lost their distinctive feeling. Buffs that were once unique to certain class/specs, are now spread around amongst other classes.

This was a simple necessity of the system. In order to down raid bosses, you need to have certain buffs to up your abilities. Since the system was designed to allow flexibility, the buffs had to be spread around so that the raid could be successfully completed, even if there was “less optimal” raid comp.

PRO – You don’t need to stack specific classes to the exclusion of others.

10 man raiding is something of a fine edge. You have 2 tanks, 2 healers and 6 dps. You can swap one dps for a healer, if needed, but you cant really down any bosses if you only have 4 dps – there simply would not be enough dps to beat the enrage timers.

Back in the time of Sunwell, pretty much the only way you could put the raid on farm is if you stacked shamen. They had heroism and were very decent healers. That meant one of two things. You recruited shamen and replaced them with the slots of you other hard working raiders. Whoop – sorry Yark, we can live without another hunter, but we need another shaman. You are benched, we will try to work you in in future raids. I know you have put in 10 hours a week raiding with us, that is not good enough. Sorry.

The other option is to require your raiders switch their mans from the class/spec they like playing to a shaman. Sorry Yark, if you want to continue raiding, you have to roll, and level a shaman, AND you have to farm previous content for enough gear to be competitive in this tier of raid. Until then, you cant raid with us.

Con: Interesting gimmicks, like the MC Instructor fights are extremely limited.

Lets face it, there are only so many ways that you can design fire that you are NOT supposed to stand in. Be it purple, red, blue, circular, square, pulsing – fire is fire. When it comes down to it raid bosses have a finite amount of ways that they can kill you – I don’t think we have even scratched the surface yet, but after a while, things do seem to get a bit repetitive.

Pro: It forces blizz to come up with different, more interesting, gimmicks that are not limited by class restrictions.

Insanity anyone?

Critics must also ask the question – are we looking to have class specific abilities to make things more interesting, or are we looking for more interesting/difficult encounters. I don’t think I have heard a single response to convince me that it isn’t the latter. I don’t want to shoehorn 3 mages into my raid just because we need the frost nova cc. Would like is a raidboss that goes all out and tests the mettle of the ability of my raid to ADAPT to unknown situations. Completely random abilities. Completely random trash. THAT would be the ultimate raid for me.


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