A Preview of Upcoming Posts

Two quick things:

First, I am very sorry that I missed Monday’s post. I think of this blog as a creative outlet, and I do not want it to become a job – ever. I was busy over the weekend and had a rough Monday and Tuesday (hello sunburn so bad, you cant move!). So, I didn’t post. But fear not! Here is a tiny smidge of topics that I am planning/editing/writing that will be upcoming, in no particular order. If there is something that you want to add to any of the topics, let me know in the comments! I’ll do what I can to address them.

  • L2 Ret – Judgments Biotch!
  • Why the hybrid DPS tax isn’t working
  • Farming the AH with JC – An experiment to wean me off of dailies for a cash source
  • L2 Ret – FCFS Rotation – You will learn to be ADD, my Padawan
  • Living The High Latency Life – Weaping internally since 400 ms lat
  • WHY CAN’T I FREAKING LEARN TO CATEGORIZE MY POSTS *WHEN* I POST THEM?  And other reasons that Fire is fail at his obssesive compulsive behavior*

*It bugs me to no end having an uncategorized post, and it never fails I forget to categorize it when I publish it, only to notice it when it finally goes live.


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