PTR Update – Seal of Vengeance

Alright, so new PTR Build, new QQ.

Yes, I am going to QQ here a bit.

As many of you know Seal of Blood/Seal of Martyr is going away.  The Self Flagilating is ok for some religous sects, but not for WoW Ret Pally’s.  Thats ok, fine, dandy.  With encounter mechanics going the way they are (Loatheb, Iron Council) it was becoming a liability to keep critting ones self.

I get that.

I’m ok with that.

Enter Patch 3.2 – we are supposed to switch over to Seal of Vengeance/Corruption.  In addition, this was thought to lead to a slight DPS increase, especially after it got all the way up to 5 stacks.  It was to be the Dev’s dreams in a ball – Tone down Ret PvP Burst, but increase PvE slightly, and get them where they wanted to be.

From MMO-Champion:

Seal of Vengeance and Seal of Corruption: These seals have been redesigned to deal substantially more damage. Now, once a paladin has 5 copies of the debuff from these seals on his or her target, on each swing the paladin will deal 33% weapon damage as Holy, with critical strikes dealing double damage. In addition, the damage-over-time effect is now considered a melee attack instead of a spell attack and the effects from these seals can only be triggered by auto-attacks and Hammer of the Righteous

Go ahead, take a moment to read that again.

For those who don’t play paladins, let me just point out what part has the paladin community up in arms:

In addition, the damage-over-time effect is now considered a melee attack instead of a spell attack and the effects from these seals can only be triggered by auto-attacks and Hammer of the Righteous

Previously this seal had its DoT effect added from every physical strike.  Now only auto attacks.

There are, essentially, 2 ways you can balance damage in any game.  You can do a BIG attack every few seconds, and when that attack lands, you are in big trouble, or you can do a ton of smaller attacks, each attack doing only a little bit of damage, but there is such a flurry of attacks, that there is always something coming at you.

Ret paladins are in the first category.  We weild big, slow 2 handers that crush the skull of anyone it touches.  But its big….  and slow…..  A standard 2 hander has between a 2.5-3.1 second swing speed.  That means, we only swing the weapon every 2.5-3.1 seconds.

My current hammer, Ironsoul, is near the top of best weapons in 10 man raiding.  It has a 3.5 second swing timer.  With the haste that I have, its hasted down to about 2.8 ish….   lets say 3 seconds for simplicity.

With the new change to this seal, it will take 15 seconds (3 seconds/application x 5 applications) to get up to doing the damage I should be doing.

So what happens when I have to switch bosses (I’m looking at you, trash, Emalon, Iron Council, Freya, ohh hell, basically all of T8 content, and beyond)?

Yeah, thats the sticking point.  When we have to switch targets, it resets the damage we are doing because we have to take 15 seconds to reapply the stacking dots.

Here is a link to a blue post, in which in no certian terms, GC says that the reason they made this change is so they can balance PvP.

I sure wish I could get on to the PTR this round, because I would love to test out this change on a few bosses.  But my prediction – *if* this goes live, and the flavor of GC’s language makes me think it is, the moment that patch hits, Ret is going to be severely hurting in PvE again because they cant figure out any other way to balance and tone down burst in PvP.

Man, I really wish they would just split the PvE/PvP into different talents.  I am really tired of taking it in the nuts because they can’t get the PvP factor down.

One Response to “PTR Update – Seal of Vengeance”
  1. kavika says:

    Holy is having the same problems. Every time I turn around they’ve nerfed something because it was too OP in arenas. The holy light glyph, the illumination nerf, the changing of SacredShield to one target only (I know, some people will say that some of these were due to PVE concerns, but I’m sure PvP and arenas specifically contributed a lot more to the nerfs.)

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