Anyone Know?

I’m working on my JC post for tomorrow.  It contains a bit of screenshots that I have yet to take, so it will be up tomorrow, but probably late.  It will also probably be in its own tab at the top.

Just curious for anyone on the PTR – I have a couple of questions, since I cannot get on myself.

First – The epic gem xmutes just got a 20 Hr. CD, is the cooldown shared between all of the recps, or is the cooldown on a per recp basis?  Basically am I asking if we can xmute one gem per 20 hours, or the lot of them..

Secondly, JC’ers are supposed to get “an unspecified number” of JC tokens for taking away the prismatic quality of JC only gems.  Anyone know what that number is?

Just wondering so I can start getting my ducks in a row for the patch.  I predict that it will hit on this upcoming tuesday maintenance, so we’ll see if we get super extended maintenance (Muradin has had extreme downtime from the last 2 patches, then constant restarts for a few days after).

8/1/09 Edit – So apparently the JC article didn’t happen.  Sorry!  It’s on its way, promise!  I want to make sure it is *just* right, and it just wasn’t there.

One Response to “Anyone Know?”
  1. Dump says:

    sorry fire, i never made it on the ptr, kept having problems with the patch updater, knowing blizz I highly doubt each recipe would have a sep cooldown, I am sure its one single 20hr transmute total.

    anyways looking forward to the jc article when you get it done.

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