Palm Trees Burning, Like Candles In The Wind….

As many of you know, I live here in Southern California.  Its a beauteful place to live.  As Ryan Seacrest once put it (oh dear god, I’m quoting Ryan Seacrest?!?!), “Yes, we tend to sit in traffic for long periods of time, but honestly, is there anywhere else in the world that you would rather … Continue reading

Re-Imagining the Professions: How do we gather?

Gathering professions are simply the most boring professions in game – fishing included.  Its a hide and seek type of game, where you have to run aorund and figure out where the herbs/ore/fish are, then right-click, and you are done.  How boring is that?   But even more than that – you cant pick a … Continue reading

L2Ret – The FCFS Rotation

If you have ever read anything about Retribution playstyle, you probably have heard about the FCFS rotation.  If you haven’t….     Well, I am glad you are here. FCFS stands for “First Come, First Serve.”  Because ret is primarily an instant cast class, we aren’t waiting for cast times (you darned well shouldn’t be using … Continue reading

Blizzcon Followup – The Good, The Bad, and The Undecided

Here we are in the Monday after Blizzcon.  I don’t think anyone expected the news that came, and Larisa hit the nail on the head perfectly – the buzz is back in the community 🙂  Here are my thoughts on the announcments: The Good:  Diablo 3 News I was acquainted with Blizzard through the Diablo … Continue reading

Blizzcon Intro – WEWT!

Two things – thats all I have for you. Flying Mounts in Old World HEROIC SHADOWFANG KEEP!  WOOOTTTTT! That more than anything else is what I am going to look forward to. Intrigued by archaeology – what can that do for us?

Cracking The Iceburg

*Warning – this is a little bit long winded, and just a tad bit of a stream of thoughts.  If you find something completely out of place, please let me know in comments* Larisa, at PPI, wrote yesterday about the “B-Team” that many people think is currently controlling the fate of WoW.  At the heart … Continue reading

In Memorium

Today’s post is a bit bittersweet for me. Kyrillean from Casual Hardcore has written about it, Amber from I Like Bubbles has dabbled in it a bit, Even Larisa from Pink Pigtail Inn has graced the subject – That of losing great friends to real life obligations. Last night I logged in (on a horrible … Continue reading

The AH/JC Experiment – Casting The Net

I have been at the JC experiment now for about 2 months.  About the same time I swapped over to JC, at least two of my guildies did as well, and one that was already a JC had decided to start playing the market as well.  So, I knew I was going to have intense … Continue reading

My Five Favorite 5 Man Instances

Aspect of the Hare did a nice little trip through memory lane recently – she went through her favorite zones of the game and why she liked them. Of all the zones in the game, I loved Duskwood the most – it showed the dark and dreary side of azeroth better than most zones. But … Continue reading

Onyxia Breathes Deep Once Again!

If you haven’t heard yet, for WoW’s 5th annaversary, Onyxia will be given a bit of a revamp.  She will now be tuned up to 10 and 25 man difficulty, as well as the rewards, like T2 helms (YAYA JUDGEMENT SET!) scaled up to current levels of content. In addition, she will have a small … Continue reading