Judgements BIOTCH!

There are two key class mechanics that define Paladins.  The first is being a buffbot, and that is why it takes us about 2 minutes at the start of any raid to figure out what the hell we are doing, and get up to speed.  The second is the Seal and Judgement System.

There are several Seals that are at your disposal, and each seal does something a little different.  The same is true for Judgements.  Each one has its own unique benefits and drawbacks, and no two Paladins should ever be Judging the same.  Each Judgement also benefits certain types of paladins in different ways.  This is why there is often squabbles over who should Judge what.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to what will be the battle of the century.  We have a trifecta of contenders tonight, who are going to battle it out for supreme dominance!

The Contenders

Judgement of Wisdom

In this corner, we have the first contender.  He is wise enough to know that battle is only as long as the spell slingers can keep slinging, here iiiiiiissssss   Wisdom!

Judgement of Light

In the other corner, we have the little engine that could, one that knows without the tank, spell slingers go *SPLAT*, here is Light!

Judgement of Justice

And in the final corner, we have someone who, just like my momma’s pimp daddy, doesn’t like dem hoes to run away, here is Justice!

And the crowd goes wild!

In all seriousness, that is essentially what judgements do – they proc the seal that you are using, then also leave a residual effect on the target that does something.  Wisdom grants a chance to restore 2% of the attackers base mana back, and if a Retribution paladin with talented Judgements of the Wise (and if you don’t have that talent, you are no true Ret – put the mace down and walk away) Judges Wisdom, it grants replentishment.  Judgement of Justice slows a mob’s movement speed and prevents them from fleeing.  And finally, Light.  Let me address Light in a little more detail.

Light’s job is to heal anyone who attacks the mob, similar to how Wisdom grants mana to that player.  As of 3.1 and earlier Light is the sole Judgement that scales – it scales with Attack Power and Spell Power.  Which means, a Retribution Paladin is going to get the most out of this judgement (by about double).  In 3.2 and beyond, this will no longer be the case – Light will heal for a flat 2% of your max health.

If you have more than one Paladin in the group, you need to get settled on who is going to judge what, because judgements can be overwritten, and do not stack.

The Battle

This is Trisha Takinowa reporting live from the ringside, Tom and Diane, for what hopefully will prove to be a very interesting match.  There are several scenarios set up, and I just don’t know who is going to come out on top.  Tom, Diane, I may be here for a long time with no clear winner, but maybe there will be some hot action I can get in on.   …   …  Wait….   …   Did….  …  Did someone just say corn?  As in cream corn?  OH Hell no!  Tom, back to you, there is no way in HELL I am *hiss of static and disconnect*

Lets set up some scenarios and see who should be judging what (I am assuming you are a Ret Paladin in the group):

If you are Pre 3.2, and there is no other source of replentishment, judge Wisdom.  The Developers have said that they balance and tune assuming you have replentishment.  Don’t try and gimp yourself.

If you are Pre 3.2 and there is another source of replentishment, buy a runic mana pot or two and judge Light.  You are going to be in a worse spot for mana, but a runic mana pot, and religious use of your Divine Favor, should get you through all but the longest fights.  PRO TIP – Remember Dark Runes from classic raiding – only one can be used per 10 minutes, but if you are in a really long fight and really hurting for mana – pick up a few of these just to have as spare.  Even a little mana is better than none.

Post 3.2


Good lord, if you are in a heroic where they think you need to judge Light for the extra healing, get out now before you are saved.  Like, seriously, turn around, and run.


If you are the only Paladin, and there is no other source of replentishment, judge Wisdom.

If you are the only Paladin, and there is another source of replentishment, judge Light.

If there are two Paladins, judge Wisdom.

If there are three Paladins, judge Wisdom.

That’s it.  It does not have to be more difficult than that.  Unless you are the only paladin, and there is another source of replentishment, you should always be judging Wisdom.

There are arguments as to healers not being able to keep up Light 100%, so Ret should judge that.  Throw those out of the window.  Healing is a very intense game.  I know, I have a holy spec and gear.  BUT, it is not too hard for them to simply judge light once every 15 seconds.  The answer to that is – Judge.

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever (I cannot say that enough) judge Justice as a Ret Pally.  Justice is a PvP only talent.  It really only applies to trash mobs, and even then, when is trash ever going to flee in a raid?  Not very often.  You aren’t benefiting the raid at all.

So that’s it, that is all there is to judgements.  As a Ret Pally, you either judge Light or Wisdom, and make sure your tank and healer are not overwriting Seals of the Pure by judging the same thing as you.  Get this core mechanic down, and you will help you, and your group, down that boss.

One Response to “Judgements BIOTCH!”
  1. Dump says:

    We usually run with 4-5 pallys in my raid and we had one actually judging justice once, lol I told him to judge wisdom for his mana and not worry about justice.

    Thanks for the article, you would think these would be known by now but theres still some peolple out there who dont apparently and this should help.

    Patch 3.2 tommorow, I am not looking forward to the ret changes at all.

    Anyways, keep up the great work fire.

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