Patch 3.2 Is Live!

Patch 3.2 and all of its bittersweetness is live!  If you havent started downloading now, I suggest you do.

A quick recap of my 3.2 impressions:

Seal of Vengeance Update

Judgement Fix

Early 3.2 Changes

I just wanted to take the time and add one more thing to the Seal of Vengeance category, that was not posted on its own.  The latest build of the PTR, just before it went live, added a percentage of weapon damage rampup – let me explain that more clearly.  When you get five stacks of SoV on the target, you get a bonus 33% of your weapon damage as holy damage per attack.  Before that, you only get the stacking DoT.  With the latest build, you get approximately 6.2% of that weapon damage for each stack you have up.  It still throttles our damage, but *marginally* less so.  Let’s be clear, this is a buff from the previous state that the seal was in.  But it was only a minor buff.  If you are in a multi-target fight with lots of little, quick dying mobs, this is still going to be a significant weakness.  In that situation (I’m pointing at you Thorim), you need to switch seals to Command.

In other news, I had a ton of trouble patching. Hopefully this will help anyone who is having trouble.

I run Windows Vista (yuck, I know), and was initially having trouble with the downloader not launching.  So I went in and manually started the downloader.  This led to a download that was MAJORLY slow.  Im talking 3-4 megs an hour.  Did some researching, and went in and removed “Read Only” from the entire WoW folder (apparently that is default in Vista).  This allowed me to download at normal speeds.  Once it was downloaded, the program wouldn’t launch the updater.  I tried from the launcher (it would go to 10%, try to launch downloader, then crash completely) and then from the game – It would get to -1% (yes, that is negative 1%, who knew we could patch backwards?), require a restart, but never restart and say that the patch failed.  I tried several times, and finally shut the system completely down.  After that, launched the launcher, and it patched normally (but it did take a bit to patch up, a little longer than normal….).

So those are the chronicles.  Hopefully it will help someone who is having trouble patching 🙂

Anyway, Hope you all have a good patch, and I’ll see you on the other side.


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