Patch 3.2 – The First Foray

So, after patching (finally) my game, I had to go to work.  No gameplay for a while for me…. 😦

I made it back just in time for my raid (actually, I was a bit late).  Tuesday night is for farm bosses in Ulduar (we are a casual raid, so I cannot wait to finally use the lockout extension feature 🙂 ).  Most of our raid, unfortunately, had trouble patching as well, and were out.  So we brought on a few other guildies so they could get some emblems/gear as well.

FL and Razor went down easily, even with our regular raiders out.  We chose to skip Ignis, our regular DK off tank has moved on to other pastures :), and the pally OT was not experienced enough with the fight – on top of a slightly gimped raid – we just didn’t want to screw things up.  So we went to XT.  Oh Em Gee.

XT was bugged.  The adds that come out were coming out in crap-tons (that’s metric, btw).  They just overwhelmed us.  After 4 wipes, we decided to go to VoA (it was just won) and try the new boss there.  BUT WAIT!  Kolo (is that his name?  I think so) wasn’t there!  I haven’t determined if they simply haven’t implemented him, or its a bug.  There is no trash in his wing, nothing.  But the wing is there!  So rather than getting saved, we opted to jump into the new raid.  We knew we would probably fail (again, not even halfway done with ulduar normal), but thought it was going to be fun.

There are three moments that I will remember for the rest of my WoW career (and possibly my whole game-playing life).  The first is when the raid saw the add-stream from XT.  There was dead silence in vent for literally about 15 seconds.  And then, as if everyone was reading everyone else’s minds, everyone said something to the effect of “umm…   Was there this many adds before?”  Followed by a wipe from the eleventy-billion bomb-bots that we couldn’t get down in time.  Everyone just busted up laughing at the sight.

The second was when we were trying the first boss of the Coliseum.   We engaged, and about 3 minutes into the fight my MT healer got the firstKobold (let me preface this by saying, we knew little about the fight, none of us actually read up pre-fight). “I’ve got something on my head.”  We thought it was a bug.  “Its killing me, I can hardly cast heals.”  He ran over to one of the dps to try and get them to kill it.  It killed him, then jumped to our raid shammy healer…  Which promptly was met with her running around in circles trying to figure out what to do and screaming over vent because she was spell-locked.

After the wipe we went back in to try again.  We got closer, but not quite there.  Third try we got him down, but nearly everyone had a Snobold on their head.  Worms engaged and healers were oom.  Wipe.

The third and final thing I will remember was the recovery into the fourth (and final) try for the night.  Everyone was searching, talking, discussing over vent how to deal with the snobolds.  I, of course, trying to lighten up the mood and keep everyone in good spirits, walk over to the shammy healer, hit the “nekkie” button on my gear manager (yes, I have one set up 🙂 ), and told her over vent “I’ll DPS yours if you DPS mine.”  What can I say?  I’m a flirt 🙂

Anyway, that was the end of the night, I went over to the JC vendor, picked up my first few epic gem cuts (As of 11:30 server, I was the only one on the ally side to pick up the +Def yellow cut – I wonder if that sold….) .  Every JCer of at least 440 skill will get in the mail a quest to get 5 JCtokens.  On live each recp only requires 4 (instead of the predicted 5) tokens.   I prospected my Titanium – I had 3.5 stacks saved up – I got 6 epic gems out of that – one of each color.  By the way – the + SP Epic cut is completely flooded on my server, if you haven’t bought it yet, maybe choose another.  Prices were down to 380g before I left that day.

I’m actually quite upset at all of the bugs on patch day, but that is for another post (perhaps Friday?)

As for my DPS – it was such a chaotic night, and without regular raid group, I can’t really tell.  I can say that I normally pull 3.1-3.4k  ….ish  DPS on razor and XT.  I was down to 2.5 AT BEST.  We’ll see how it plays out over the next few days.  But, this is going to suck.

2 Responses to “Patch 3.2 – The First Foray”
  1. Bumbles says:

    “I’ll DPS yours if you DPS mine.”
    Yeah, you are such a flirt…… 😉

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