JC Update – What the epic shakeup has done…

I often frequent Just My Two Copper for a few tips and tricks here and there to help some newbies in my guild out.  I’m also waiting for some way to pull a decent profit out of blacksmithing, but alas, as of yet that has yet to materialize.

Anyway, a while back the writer suggested that blue gems were going to go the way of the birds once the patch came out, and plummet in price.  Saronite was going to plummett, and titanium ore was going to skyrocket.  On Muradin, only 1 of those predictions happened – much to my surprise.

I came into the JC game late (Ive only had the profession for four weeks or so now) and didnt have the JC tokens to buy as many epic cuts as I would have liked.  So I picked up two that I would have thought would be the best cuts, and a third to benefit my guild:

Rigid King’s Amber

Thick King’s Amber

Runed Cardinal Ruby

Why did I take two yellow cuts?  Simple – I am not going to prospect Titanium for my gems, I have a pocket transmuter or two that  will provide me gems at a nominal fee 🙂  And since they have to do 4 gem transmutes before getting a ruby transmute, I picked the gem cuts that I thought would be the most in demand.

As of last night, I still have not sold a single epic cut.

What I have sold are lots and lots of blues.  Why?

Well, first off, the blue quality gem market has virtually been abandoned for the epic gem market.  There are, from what I can see over the last 3 days, only 3-4 major contenders left in the market – and they are trying to artificially inflate the market – Solid Sky Sapphire was marked up to 40G last night.  So, rather than focusing on the epic market (don’t get me wrong, I am going to continue to try and break into that market), I am going to keep the blue business up and running.  And you know what?  Its going to make me more money than it ever has.

As I mentioned, blue quality gems have been skyrocketing in price, largely because there is no competition.  Gems that were going for 5g pre patch, are now going for 20.  This is where I swoop in.  I have never been a huge wholesale supplier of gems (you will see that coming up in a future JC post).   I have always been the sneaky one that slides in, and makes a sale or two and waits for the next opportunity.  So, Thursday night I crafted about 15 or so gems and put them up on the AH.  At first, I was nervous.  Pre-patch I would see the first items sold within half hour or so.  I posted the items, and went up to Trial of the Champion to go try it out (bad experience, but seemed to be a fun instance).  After about an hour, it seemed like someone flipped a switch.  Nearly all of my cuts sold out within the space of 20 minutes (one per minute or so).

So, I went back through, and posted more before logging for the night.  And they were selling just as fast – about one or two per minute.

On average, I am making about 20% more per gem (the exception being rubies where I am only making about 8-10% more).  Also, Saronite has gone through the floor.  I used to pay 16g/stack, last night someone was adverting 12.5g/stack.  I made a grand total of 600g last night for under an hour of work, and that is not counting some of the more obscure pvp cuts that hadnt sold last night.

Sales are up, costs are down.  Until the major players figgure that out, i’m going to own the blue quality gem market.

P.S. – another secret to the gem market on our server – we have a major ally:horde ratio – something like 4:1 or so.  As a result, everything on horde side is REALLY expensive.  There are a few key players that will come over to the alliance side and buy a bunch of stuff up at cheap prices, and AH trade them over to horde side to repost for profit.  If you see this happening – offer to supply them 🙂


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