31 Bosses? Is It Possible?

So there is this big big quote flying around the interwebs about GC esentially confirming that there will be 31 bosses.

Take that with a grain of salt.

31 Bosses would be a HUGE number of bosses in one raid instance.  The only way I think they could possibly pull that off would be if they did Ice Crown “Wing” style like they did Naxx – which I am a big BIG fan of, by the way.    But I doubt that there are that many bosses in IC – maybe there are that many ENCOUNTERS, if you consider normal and hard mode encounters different encounters all together (which is certainly possible), but no way they are going to make a raid that big.

The next closest dungeon that is that big is BRD, and you know why I hate that place?  BECAUSE ITS SO FRIGGIN LONG – at level it takes about 3-4 friggin hours to clear that place out from top to bottom.  I don’t want a raid that takes 2-3 weeks to clear from top to bottom, but maybe I am alone in that.  Hell, its entirely possible that they added this new raid lockout extension tech just so we could just COMPLETE IC.   If thats the case, well, I guess I’ll have to just deal with it.  But as I have said, Ice Crown really needs to be revolutionary in design and huge in scope.  Both of those statements really don’t have to translate into “lets throw everything possible at you and hope it keeps you sated until we finish the next expansion.”

4 Responses to “31 Bosses? Is It Possible?”
  1. MmoGirl says:

    I think it’ll be huge as well, but perhaps some of the bosses are quite easy. It seems Blizzard has really tried to make raids more accessible to the more casual player base by using hard modes, so i’m thinking you’ll be able to tear through the first 10 bosses or so in lackluster gear.

  2. They’re very sure to have it in stages too. So you might do 7,7,7,7,3 with each section getting harder. Like Naxx, but so much larger I guess.

    I’m looking forward to a boss that uses Death Grips.

    • Firespirit says:

      I agree andrew, this is what I would do. Definitely, I am a HUGE fan of the wing approach they took to Naxx – though I think a massive wing at 7 bosses is a little too much. But again, I think this is where the lockout extender comes in. I mean, who even thought of this before they announced it? Surely this had to have been developed for IC.

      If it ends up being just a one room battle with Arthas in the style of VH and Black Morass, I think I will scream.

      • If its a one room deal they can resurrect Millhouse Manastorm, and have him there to help. Or perhaps Millhouse is a Death Knight that we have to kill?

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