Recharging Your Batteries

Burnout Sucks.  I know, I was there.  Before 3.1 hit I was seriously considering letting my subscription to WoW lapse.  The game had just become a grind for me.  I would log in, attempt to do some dailies.  When that really didn’t pan out, I would go raid.  That got really tiresome to the point of really dreading the raid nights.  Most nights I would end up just fishing the night away, chatting with guildies, or watching my netflix movies.  I’m past that now, but I don’t ever want to get there again, it really really sucks the life out of the game.

Right now, I am having fun playing the AH, and raiding Ulduar with my team, getting my AT dailies done (almost have the crusader title – YAY!).  But between RL issues, and stress in the job, I have really been feeling the drain on my batteries.  I don’t want to get back to that burnout phase – so here is what I do to help combat the burnout, and really recharge my batteries.

Drive A Bit Slower

I work about 17 miles away from my house.  There are two options for me to get home.  The first is the highway, which is a two lane monstrosity, full of jerks (ohh yes, this part of the state is famous for bad drivers and road rage), or take a side road that parallels the highway.  The highway runs at 70 MPH (yes, here in the state of CA, max speed is 70), and the side road runs at 55.  Most of you are probably gouging your eyes out, but I actually enjoy it, when it is coupled with the next item:

Listen to Music

I dock my iPhone into my FM transmitter and blast some music.  I have a 18GB music database in iTunes, and its great to go through it from top to bottom.  I am able to rediscover music that I once loved, and listen to my all-time favorites.  I am a rather eclectic guy, so there is TONS of stuff in there to match whatever mood I might be in – from the hardcore metal like Hatebreed and The Haunted, to the more offbeat like Lacuna Coil and Nightwish, the serene Enya, the country stylings of Faith Hill and Reba McEntire, to my favorite classical composer Tchaikovsky.  Often times, I plug in my headphones to my iPhone and mute the in game sound, just to switch things up.  If I am in-between raids or instances, I fish to the music of Disturbed or Patsy Cline.

Watch a Movie

My little sister (who is not so little any more) drug me, kicking and screaming to “I Love You Beth Cooper” this past Sunday.  More than anything this weekend, this is what helped to recharge my batteries.  Why?  Dare I say it (she is just going to rip me a new one), it was kind of funny, in a weird, quirky sort of way.  Certainly, it was no Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, but for two bucks, it was a decent movie.    And sometimes thats all I need.  I don’t want an epic trilogy to sit through.  I want something quick, offbeat, funny or (my personal favorite) scary movie to just sit and veg out to.

Visit Friends (IRL)

Go hang out – have a beer or cocktail (if you are old enough), shoot some hoops, go see a movie, play poker, hell, just get out of the house and away from the keyboard.  Have an ice cream (I personally recommend Cold Stone’s “Cookie Doughn’t You Want Some?”  But that’s just me 😉  The key here is not to end up sitting in front of the TV playing X-BOX (as much as I love XBOX), but rather to get away.  Play miniature golf, hit the batting cages.   Not good?  THE BEST stories I have are from things I am not good at.  Hell, the last time I went mini-golfing, my sister whacked the ball so hard, it ricocheted off of not one, not two, not even three – but 11 (!!!!!) trees and still made a hole in one.

Ride A Rollercoaster

There are few things in life that are as supremely divine as riding a good rollercoaster.  Wether you are in it for the thrill of the ride, the need for speed, or just to be looped around and around into oblivion, there is a rollercoaster for you.

I am fortunate enough to live in Southern California – the coaster capital of the world.  My home park, which is about 70 miles away, is Six Flags Magic Mountain.  At one time, it held the record for most rollercoasters in one park.  They have just about everything there, from a rollercoaster that launches you at 100 MPH up 47 stories, then back again, to a rollercoaster totally unique, in that it spins your chair while it runs.  When you are at the top of the lift hill, 180 feet in the air, and you look straight down, and all you see is vertical (yes, I mean 90 degree angle) track, right before, and just during, that freefall for 3 seconds, nothing else in the world matters.

Go To The Gym

We could all do with some exercise in these days.  Go out and hit the gym.  Not a die hard athletic?  Take a stroll around the block.  Just moving is something that will help.  Listen to your iPod while you walk, and you may find that the quiet time in your head is enough just to get you to do it tomorrow 🙂

Many of the guildies I play with know that I am tying to get back into shape.  RL issues have kept me away from the gym, but things have settled down enough so that I think I can get back on a regular basis (and for those of you who are fitness buffs – I am not making excuses, its a simple matter, really, that just took up a LOT of my time).  I also enjoy taking boxing classes.  I was getting really good.  My lessons were 1 hour long each, and I was just getting into sparring.

Larisa from Pink Pigtail Inn wrote a while back about “Gaming Zen.”  The principle was that she could get into a mode where everything was just flowing.  Rotation was great, the raid is flowing, and the whole world just floats away.  That’s what boxing is like for me.  After 30 minutes of pounding the heavy bag (or someone else’s face 😉  it takes all that you have to just keep your arms up, and your feet moving.  The world goes away, and you just work.  I have no idea how pro-boxers do it for 2+ hours.

So what about you?  What do you do to keep your batteries charged?

2 Responses to “Recharging Your Batteries”
  1. Lorgrath says:

    +1 for Tchaikovsky!

  2. Tutunkommon says:

    Burnout, how well I know thee…….

    I tried playing the AH. I tried Multi-boxing. I tried changing factions. I tried multi-boxing on the other faction. At some point, it just got to be too much of the same stuff. kill-hack-slash repeat. Turn in the quest, get a new quest to go kill-hack-slash some more.

    I am approaching 90 days since my account lapsed and, though I miss the players, I don’t miss the game.

    Besides, I am working on my own game now. :^)

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