Onyxia Breathes Deep Once Again!

If you haven’t heard yet, for WoW’s 5th annaversary, Onyxia will be given a bit of a revamp.  She will now be tuned up to 10 and 25 man difficulty, as well as the rewards, like T2 helms (YAYA JUDGEMENT SET!) scaled up to current levels of content.

In addition, she will have a small chance to drop an Onyxia 310% speed mount.

Sometimes I think that WoW pushes too quickly ahead, and instead, needs to look back at old content.  I love old content – AQ20, Ony, and BWL (well, maybe not so much BWL) are all very cool dungeons.

Here is to finally getting to raid Ony the way she was meant to be raided – when the whelps and deep breaths are something to be feared, and not shrugged off 🙂


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