In Memorium

Today’s post is a bit bittersweet for me.

Kyrillean from Casual Hardcore has written about it, Amber from I Like Bubbles has dabbled in it a bit, Even Larisa from Pink Pigtail Inn has graced the subject – That of losing great friends to real life obligations.

Last night I logged in (on a horrible connection by the way, GRRR), only to be whispered by a fellow guildmate, Redvengeance, that he would be permanently quitting the game, as of that night.   He felt that he could not balance real life obligations (i.e. family) and the game anymore.

As I have always said, RL comes first, and I am glad that he recognized that.  It takes courage to admit that  you are in over your head, and need to drop out.

Revengeance, when I first joined the guild as a little nooblet, you and mtgbarrin helped me gain a grasp of the mechanics of the game faster than I possibly would have on my own.

When you rejoined after your absence, I was proud to be able to return the favor, helping you through northrend zones, and your first heroics.  I was proud to be raiding with you on your first raid team.

We always had fun competing against each other – be it achievement points or DPS meters (or total number of deaths 🙂 ).

Red, I am honored to have known a person of your caliber.  Know that the guild is losing not only a player of the highest caliber, who could probably have played on a pro raiding team, but a great friend.

Redvengeance, wherever life takes you, I wish you nothing but success.

And how can I not write up a sendoff without giving you the following achievement:


*5615 is the final total of your achievement points, if you didn’t catch that 🙂

3 Responses to “In Memorium”
  1. Ten'nen says:

    It always sucks to lose people to RL, but I’ve also felt it the other way, where you’re trying to get someone to *be* more in real life. A lot of people haven’t found that happy balance yet (I’m trying desperately to get a friend to pay more attention to real life than WoW and he only raids 3 nights out of the week…just spends the rest doing other stuff) and I want them too. I love both sets of friends, but ultimately, you tend to have a larger impact on those you immediately see every day and what not. Especially when it comes to family.

    However, seeing a friend go in any situation suuuuuuuuuuucks. A lot. As I’ve griped to you before 😛

  2. jong says:

    bummer 😦

    I lost several good friends when my last guild disbanded.

    best of luck to red!

  3. Bumbles says:

    Good-bye my fellow gnome friend, I am going to miss you 😦

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