Loot – Ohh The Loot!

Rohan from Blessing of Kings and Ky from Casual Hardcore both touched upon loot yesterday, and I think I want to chime in. My guild leader had some nervousness when the ability to trade BoP items was implemented.  Now, make no mistake, I think this was a much needed thing.  I am sure that GM’s … Continue reading

Monday Morning Blues

I come to you, my dear readers, a dreary, tired blogger. So…  That, in combo with a workload that is enough for two days, really, that needs to get done TODAY, no real post for you. I had a blast Saturday/Sunday night at Knott’s Halloween Haunt, Ill be Facebooking and posting a few pictures as … Continue reading

Know Your Resources

I was supposed to get this up yesterday, but…  well, Work Crit me for eleventy billion, and I was tired as heck.  That, and WordPress dosen’t like my fail internet. Anyway…. I mentioned last post that I was going to be rebuilding my raid group. If you are a new raid leader, or just starting … Continue reading

3.2.2 Live!

Just got confirmation, patch 3.2.2 is now live on servers (US at least, not sure about EU). Paladins of the Retribution persuasion, there are two things of note: Armor pen has been nerfed, by about 12%.  Its probably only going to majorly effect those of you who are in Ulduar gear – that place is … Continue reading

Leadership – Through A TV Show?

Growing up, I was always keenly aware that I loved science.  I would ask my parents to buy every book on the shelf, if it had anything to do with science.  And I read them all.  Multiple times.  When I was told to go outside, I was often just looking at local wildlife, or playing … Continue reading

Social Contracts

When I started WoW, I really was surprised at how people got around day by day.  I was starting Westfall on my second, and what was to become my main, toon then, before I found my current guild.  My first toon was a hordie undead warrior, I think.  He only made it up to lvl … Continue reading

Lich King in Review – Part 1, The Leveling Experience

Lich King took the best part of both classic and Burning Crusade era’s of WoW, and improved them even more.  By and large, this expansion has proved to be nothing less than a crowd pleaser. The leveling experience is one of the major components of any expansion, so its not surprising that Blizzard put so … Continue reading

That One Day….

My grandmother used to tell me that the day I (and my sister as well, later) was born was a day that she will remember forever.  She told me that it was inexorably burned into her memory as one of the most important days  of her life (I was the first grandchild of the family, … Continue reading

Of Bad Pugs and Internet Bugs…

Everyone has one.  Just one of those nights.  Last night was mine. I logged into the game, and I was actually having good internet for a change (keep in mind I am on cell internet, and it just plain sucks).  So I pug up a H ToC run, which is the daily. There is something … Continue reading

Of Armor Pen and Holy Wrath

Ok, so two things to address today on the Ret front. First off, Holy Wrath has been…  Nerfed – sort of.   It has diminishing returns on its stuns on undead and demon targets.  How does that affect us?  Not much.  It was pretty much used very situationally, primarily on the adds of the Anub’arak … Continue reading