Things I’m Working On….

The fire has been pretty much contained on my side of the mountain, so good news there.  It was getting scary for a bit.  I go to work at 4AM in the morn, and seeing the whole mountain on fire is pretty unsettling.  Bad news is all of the smoke and ash in the air does lead to bad cell reception, so internet has been spotty.   I couldn’t even log into the game yesterday long enough to do anything.

Anyway, things I am working on:

L2Ret – Glyph Choices

L2Ret – Diminishing Returns

L2Ret – Venturing Holy for the first time

Re-imagining the Professions – Crafting

JC Experiment – Interpreting The Market

Just a quick update on that front – I had 15k in my bags for the first time since I started the experiment. That isn’t how much I have earned, however – I estimate that If I wouldn’t have gone on a spending spree, I would be up to about 27k right now (almost double), but I was low on…. just about everything.  And I wanted the albino drake.  And the stinker pet.

So I blew a bit of money, but meh…   Im making it back so no worries.  That’s one of the privileges of having a bit of money:)

I’m thinking of bringing in my sis for a guest article for L2Ret – Prot edition, we’ll see how that goes.

For those of you in CA or thinking of coming to CA, I will be attending Knott’s Halloween Haunt (Knotts scary farm, as it is affectionately known) September the 25th – the first Friday that it is open.  If you want to meet up at the best Halloween event in the world, and come say Hi!, send me an e-mail, and i’ll see what we can work out.

Normal posting should resume soon.


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