Of Bad Pugs and Internet Bugs…

Everyone has one.  Just one of those nights.  Last night was mine.

I logged into the game, and I was actually having good internet for a change (keep in mind I am on cell internet, and it just plain sucks).  So I pug up a H ToC run, which is the daily.

There is something about the AT grounds.  I dont know what it is, other than it just wants to piss me the hell off.  Even when it is completely deserted (I.E. I am literally the only person there) it always laggs me out.  No big, it happens all the time.  I get into the instance, and we get through the annoyingly LONG speech (good lord blizz, WTF is up with the speeches?!?!?!), and combat starts.  We are able to get the first three jousters down, and I disconnect.  I get back, and I am lagging hard.  We wiped as the 3 big champions come out to joust.   At that point Our healer says he has to go to Ulduar with his guild, and drops.


I go to dala and pug up another healer.  We zone in, mount up..   and our tank has to leave…  WTF?   He drops and I yet again go back to dala to pug it up.  Get a tank, get back in the instance, and go through the jousting.  This time I make it all the way to the champions with one down before I d/c.  The whole internet just crashed.  I had to reset the card, restart the system, the whole works.

After about 5 mins, I am back in the game to notice they have kicked me from the group.  /sigh.

OK, so I kinda expected that, even though it is annoying me to all hell.  At least I am not saved.

Go back to dala, and pug it up once more.  At this point I have been at it for over an hour.  We zone in, and before the speech is even over, the tank has to leave.  He is needed in Ulduar.  OMG!  Ok, what the hell is up with this?   This is just absurd.  Don’t accept a group if you are on standby to go into a raid.  Its just annoying as hell.  Its rediculous.

Go back to dala, and pug up a tank.   Zone in, and go through jousting just fine.  She is a little low on health, but thats ok, we have a stellar healer.  I asked her if she would be able to handle the next part in a whisper, so as not to undermine her position in the group.  Her reply was “if you dont suck.”  Ok, that should have been a red flag right there.   Jousting ends, and we start the regular part of the instance.   Lo and behold, she marks the healer as the last one to be killed.  Before we had a chance to protest, she pulls.  And we wiped.

She immediately drops group.  I was able to armory her.  She wasn’t even at defense cap?!?!   And in all blues…   no joke.  No wonder she went splat, she had got 3crit at once.  She whispers me that the group sucked, and she was not going to risk getting saved with a crap group.  Umm, ok.  Ignore list acheived!

So, once again, I go back to dala and get a new tank.  zone in, jousting is done.  We make the pull, and everything is going well.

Then my internet quits.  I dc, and I have to reset/restart/relog (the three R’s of crappy inet service).  This time, the group waited for me.  They had not downed the boss, from lack of dps (the second dps just wasnt up to par, so they effectively had one dps for the fight).  I log in, and we actually manage to down the first boss.  Finally making some progress.

We start the pull on the second boss, and my internet starts acting up.  I can see everything happening, but it is like I am stuck in a bubble.  I can’t do anything.  I am getting stuck in all sorts of bad, no spells are going off, I am at a virtual standstill.  Until combat ends.  But the minute the tank pulls, it starts over.  Its like the client is not communicating with the server, only reading what is happening.

Pulled confessor, and… I DC again.  At this point, I am done.  I log back in to find the group had disbanded.  And not that I blame them.  It was just frustrating as hell for me, because after an hour and 45 minutes, I only have one boss down.

So, I went to IF completely defeated, in a really bad mood, and just worked on my JC empire, while watching TV.   Gems posted, I started cutting and crafting umpteen million things to D/E.  I figgured that I was too cranky to play that I might as well do the mundane stuff I hate doing when there is Heroics going on.

I swear, if I lived just half a mile over a small bluff, I would have near perfect internet.  But no, AT&T is not smart enough to put the tower ON TOP of the bluff, to rain signal-goodness over the whole area.  No, they have to put it on the other side, just slightly UNDER the peak of the bluff.   OY!  I really wish I had DSL or even cable where I live.  Satellite internet is just too expensive to use (not to mention just as laggy).

3 Responses to “Of Bad Pugs and Internet Bugs…”
  1. Yarsh says:

    You should have got Sprint

  2. Yarsh says:

    I really did feel you pain on this one ( as I was there). It did suck overall

  3. Tamarind says:

    Gaaaah! ToC-hc wants everyone to *suffer*. I get terrible lags in the Tournie grounds as well – I usually find it eases up when I hit the instance but the amount of time I’ve been blundering around with no floor or something.

    I basically won’t heal ToC-hc for pugs, these days, it’s too much a recipe for disaster. People are desperate to do it because they want it for teh epix man, and they think it’s a quick, easy ride and it *totally isn’t*, hence the fact you get a raft of DPS who can’t break 1k and tanks who aren’t def-capped and healers having nervous breakdowns.

    I hatesssss it, preciousss, hatessss it, it burnsssss.

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