3.2.2 Live!

Just got confirmation, patch 3.2.2 is now live on servers (US at least, not sure about EU).

Paladins of the Retribution persuasion, there are two things of note:

Armor pen has been nerfed, by about 12%.  Its probably only going to majorly effect those of you who are in Ulduar gear – that place is stacked with ArPen.  Remember, this nerf reinforces that you should never EVER gem for ArPen – EVAR!  And when considering if an item is an upgrade or not, dont take into consideration the ArPen on the item.  Consider other stats first.  ArPen is a junk stat for us Ret’s now.

Seal of Command can now chain when you use a single target attack (i.e. Crusader Strike).  This is going to give us Ret’s an even stronger AoE presence in raids.  Don’t use Seal of Vengeance/Corruption on trash – you are gimping yourself.  Use SoC.  It is now even stronger than talented Seal of Righteousness.  For those of you working on thorim in Ulduar – your Ret’s need to be in the arena.  Stick someone else in the gauntlet.

In other news, I just got confirmation last night that my raid group (not my guild) has officially died.  The main tank and one of the best DPS killed their accounts.  It has now been a month and a half since ive even stepped into Ulduar.

So, between me and my main healer (who is now back from a semi-vacation), we are going to rebuild a new 10 man raid.  Ill post more on that tomorrow.

EDIT:  I flipping hate patch days.  I am currently on a Vista machine (I know, I know, thats my problem RIGHT there), and its not downloading anything.  It gets stuck at 10% – no error messages, just dosent download anything.

Looked at the tech support forums, and they basically are saying right now to sit and wait until the servers turn on.  I tried the same tricks I used last time, but not working at all this time.  Anyone else having troubles?

4 Responses to “3.2.2 Live!”
  1. Lorgrath says:

    Not dead! Just…uh, wounded. We have a strong network of friends and guildies, I’m sure we can pull something together, even if it means running Naxx 10 a few times to get the group used to each other (and get some badges).

    • Firespirit says:

      LOL, when I say dead, I mean that, you know, half of the raid is gone.

      And I know we will get raiding together again, its going to take time though….

      In any event, I think we are going to have to go back to naxx 10 at least once. We are going to need major work on raid cooperation. I think the skill is there (or will be there soon), its just not many have much raid experience…

  2. Yarsh says:

    You my have seen this already but funny

    • Firespirit says:

      Favorite video of all time about ony. That is hilarious. Don’t know if we can get ony tonight, but I will try and put something together for friday or sunday, at the very least.

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