Know Your Resources

I was supposed to get this up yesterday, but…  well, Work Crit me for eleventy billion, and I was tired as heck.  That, and WordPress dosen’t like my fail internet.


I mentioned last post that I was going to be rebuilding my raid group.

If you are a new raid leader, or just starting out raiding with your first raid team, you need to know what you have and what you don’t.  A raid leader can only build a raid team as strong as the weakest link.

The first thing that a raid leader is going to do is check gear.  Everyone scoffs at this lately, but gear is a LARGE indication of your ability to do your job.  If you are in greens, its much less likely that the raid is going to be able to lean on you if the heaviest hitter falls.  Most likely, you are going to be asked a few key stats – healers are going to have to state spell power, and mana.  DPS, you are going to have to post your average dps.  Tanks be prepared to post your defense (mainly – are you def capped?) and your hit points.

Now, here comes the critical part.  Im going to bold and italicize it, becuase it is that important:

Now is defiantly isn’t the time to stroke your e-peen.

I don’t want your best possible DPS.  I don’t want your DPS when you are fully raid-buffed.  I don’t want your health when you are running with that uber awesome Disc priest.  Basically, I don’t want you to assume or not assume you will have any buffs at all – that includes self buffs for you pallies.

Especially in a 10 man raid, it is the job of the raid leader to balance raid buffs with the understanding that they will be affecting members of their raid.  It is a true balancing act in 10 man raids to determine what buffs to bring, and what buffs to not bring.

DPS, also understand that DPS is situational.  Unless I specifically ask for it, I don’t want your patchwerk dps.  That is a special, tank and spank case, and you will not have many of those fights.  A good measure of dps you can provide?  Run heroic Gundrak.  The mix of mobs in there actually provide a good benchmark for dps that you can do.  And I don’t want your dps from your highest dps boss.  I want your overall dps.

Raidleaders, you need to understand what you have as well.  Sure, you can get a raid together, almost anyone can do that now a days.  But does the raid have synergy?  I had the unfortunate pleasure of running an all melee naxx group.  When it got to Heigan, we killed the raid.  Many and varied goes a long way here.  You want to make sure you have many different classes, and many different abilities.

You also need to know who your “Corner Stones” are.  These are people who have the most raid experience, and are the best geared for the fights.  This might hurt a few feelings, and I am sorry for that.  But the truth is, my healers are some of the best healers in the game.  Because I know that they know what they are doing, when they tell me that OT is taking way too much damage, I know something is up.  They can also compensate, to a degree, if your tank is a might bit undergeared.

On that same note, an experienced tank can tell me that he is not getting enough heals, and can make up (to some degree) for a slightly undergeared healer.

DPS – well, that is a different story.  This is the one job where you guys rely completely on each other.  The fact is that there is a minimum required DPS to get a boss down.  In a 10 man raid for patchy, its about 12k dps overall.  That means that in a 10 man raid, each person must pull 2k dps.  If you cannot pull 2k, then you have to rely on your other mates to pick up the slack.  If you can only muster 1500, that means someone else has to pick up 500 dps.  If they dont, the boss enrages, and the group goes *SPLAT* and we get no where.

*side rant – Heals and tanks are very thankless jobs – if you do them well, the group doesn’t notice.  But DPS is one of those jobs that you HAVE to do well, because no amount of healing or tanking can withstand the enrage for very long.  Any new and starting out dps feels this stress (well, really any GOOD new and starting out dps should feel this stress)*

So, in summary:

When raid leader asks you for your stats – give them completely unbuffed – don’t even use your self buffs (the raid lead may ask you to use a less than optimal buff).  If you need an idea of your DPS ability, run heroic Gundrak and give an OVERALL number, not your best DPS on one boss.

Raid leaders need to balance their raid, not only for buffs, but for synergistic composition.

Don’t get paranoid if your raid leader asks for a gearcheck.  If you are a good raider, then you will be fully enchanted, and gemmed, and there will be no problem.

Raid leaders need to know who your “corner stones” are, and where you can be a little more forgiving in stats/gear and where you absolutely cannot be inflexible.

Finally – Raid leaders need to stress to the entire team – raiding is a team effort, but it takes a while for the team to grow on one another.  Previous raid experience is a big thing, but don’t expect to be operating in the same way as your previous raid.  Good raiders are flexible, and take tasks for the good of the group, even if it does hurt your e-peen dps/heals/tanking.

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  1. Mister K says:

    Just wanted to say this is a great post. I was looking for something like this in my quest for a new guild, so thanks!

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