Monday Morning Blues

I come to you, my dear readers, a dreary, tired blogger.

So…  That, in combo with a workload that is enough for two days, really, that needs to get done TODAY, no real post for you.

I had a blast Saturday/Sunday night at Knott’s Halloween Haunt, Ill be Facebooking and posting a few pictures as well as a full review later in the week.  Didn’t get home till 4 AM Sunday morning, and only a couple of hours of sleep made for a really cranky Fire yesterday at my guilds 2yr anny party when my net wouldnt cooperate.  I really need to scream at AT&T – this net is just too much trouble for what its worth.

Anyway, have a wonderful Monday Morn, and I will go to have my 3rd cup of coffee, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll catch you on the other side 🙂


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