Housekeeping, Oh The Housekeeping…

I am sorry for the slow posting as of late.  I am just not feeling well.  In fact, this week, I have only logged on long enough to do the heroic daily every day, and then right back off to go wallow in my own sickness and try to sleep.  Yesterday I felt a little … Continue reading

Music, On The Rocks

As you all well know, I play WoW.  But that is just one aspect to my life (as should be true for any healthy lifestyle).  I draw inspiration and motivation from many different sources. A Major source of Inspiriation and Motivation is Music, just like many.  And these days, more than ever, it is easier … Continue reading

The AH/JC Experiment – Take Advantage Of Maintenance Days

Just a short post for you today.  I have the introductions post coming up, but I am insanely busy at work, and my off time, is, well, off time.  Look for it beginning of next week. Anyway, I wanted to post a quick tip here.  Remember that once a week, on tuesdays, there is usually … Continue reading


Many of you probably have noticed the new theme by now.  I was tinkering around quite a bit yesterday (sorry, if you were getting whiplash!), and I actually really like the look of this layout, OTHER than the light blue/semi purple text.  And I cant change it, that is this theme. So, I’ll stick with … Continue reading

Patch 3.3 and Paladin T10 Comments

Icecrown is coming up fast, and while I don’t expect it to drop anytime soon (probably after a few weeks of encounter testing), we paladins have only a bit to work with.  So lets take a look at what we know, and go from there: First off, Ret Libram: Your Crusader Strike grants 44 strength … Continue reading

The AH/JC Experiment – Don’t Lock Up Your Capital

Today, I present you with a screenshot: Now, who can tell me what is wrong with this pic? … … Yes, that is right people – he has WAY too much stuff stockpiled. Just in AH value of ores, he has 5k, and that is unprospected.  Prospected, I imagine he can pull an easy 10k … Continue reading

My Win Is Not Your Loss

I have been trying to be a bit more religious with my diet and excersise plan.  I haven’t seriously been working out for about 6 months or more, and I feel it.  So it is back to the grind. In any event, in trying to stay motivated I have been listening to pod casts by … Continue reading

Tech Support

English – Pronoun: The person who takes all the blame for the device not functioning, while at the same time, telling you how ape-shit crazy you are for not hitting the “on” button, plugging the device in, or smashing the device to a million bits (and of course expecting it to work in said bits), … Continue reading


Hi! My name is Shawn.  I am a fun loving guy, always looking for something new and exciting to do.  I love riding rollercoasters (the taller and faster, the better).  I love trying new foods and experiences.  I’m rarely ever the sad face in a crowd, always trying to be chipper and raise everyone’s mood. … Continue reading

Gear Reset… Again….

I’m sure all of you know that Blizz is resetting the emblems again.  Emblems of Triumph are going to become the base emblem, with the Daily Heroic, Weekly Raid, and Icecrown Citadel dropping Emblems of Frost.  This is the second time that they have done a gear reset in the game, so what Gives? The first thing … Continue reading