And In Other News….

Hey everyone, just saw this, and thought I would post it to the world to see.  I hate doing double posts, because it covers up my other, fantastic post, but I think this is important enough to broadcast:

Bloggers now have to disclose any payments, including freebies, they received to review a product. Else you are fined.

Just goes to show you that bloggers, as a whole, are being taken more seriously than they once were.  Welcome to the digital and information age.

For the record, FTC, I do not review products for pay, freebies, or otherwise – and that includes WoW 🙂  I am just as broke as the next guy.

And, just to head off any passes, the information contained on this site is free too.  I do this because I enjoy it, and it keeps my sanity in tact (well, at least slows the inevitable spiral into madness).


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