JC Update – Watching The Impact

I haven’t done a JC post in a while, so I thought I would just throw out an update.  The current market can be summed up as follows:

Low supply on mats, High supply on crafted items.

Ever since the MMO-Champion guide came out, it has been really difficult to get any ore at all.  Most of my suppliers have dried up (for various reasons).  That leaves me scouting the AH.  Its not that ore has been particularly expensive – pre mmo, ore was going for about 14.5g/stack and I would usually be able to buy out 2k gold worth of ore and not really hurt the market too much.  Now, ore is moved up to between 15-16g a stack, so not bad (basically we are at patch 3.1 prices).  There is just no ore to be had.  As soon as its posted, it is swooped up.  So, I am constantly checking the AH for ore.  Picking up whatever whenever I can, even if it is two stacks or three.  I predict that this will pass, in time.

The MMO Champion guide did not directly point to cutting gems and selling them, it pointed to craft specific rings and DEing the results.

This is where my business has been hurt the most.  The mats are eternal earths and some various green-quality gems.  The gems are not a problem, I just craft whatever I get out of normal prospecting.  The eternal earths, however…   Those are becoming quite expensive – many different aspects of that guide require eternal earths.  They have shot up by about 50-75% in price, and continue to skyrocket.  That market has not stabilized yet at all.  Those I “hunt and peck” – whenever there is even one for a decent price, I pick it up and stockpile it.  I’m not entirely sure that this effect in the market is temporary.  The costs were rising naturally on my server pre-mmo.

Finally, on gem cutting – There were a few newbies to the market, but the big players scared them out pretty well.  I think they have moved into the uncut gem market.  That has had the side effect of driving down the cut gem market anyway (if the uncut gem is extremely cheaper than the cut gem, they will just find a JC to cut it for them).  As a result, I have been a “mobile JC” making a pretty penny off of that (any blue qualtiy cut is 5g, epic cut is 10-15g – whatever the market can tolerate in a given week).  Blue gems that used to go at about 20g are going for 13-14.

The market seems to be trying to correct itself though, several gems, I.E. rubies, are coming back up to price nicely.

The curious effect that this has had on the market, however, is not to drive down the cost of enchanting mats – rather drive them up.  So while costs have gone up for me to craft and DE items, the profit has risen a bit as well.  A single Infinite dust was gonig for 3.2-3.4g pre mmo, now they are going for 5.5-6g per.  GCosmic Essences that were going for 11g ea are now going for 15-17g each.  And this doesn’t seem to be temporary…  The market is flooded with enchant mats, and they continue to stay at this price.  Now if I can just get Eternal earths to continue crafting and DEing, ill be in good shape.

I had pulled out of the market for a good few weeks, just because I didn’t have time to JC, I was up to about 17k gold before exiting the market.  After a few weeks, and a crafted item, I was back down to 9k – lowest in about 4 months.  I have been re-entering it slowly, and pushing out some of the little people on my way.   I don’t have the stock to manage any price wars at the moment, especially with ore being so limited in supply, so I will just ride the wave for a while.  The big hitters of the market are doing the pricewars and heavy lifting for me (quite literally, there are pricewars going on – sunday night on trade, the “big four” were chatting about which market each of them would take out to kill the competition).  Ill let them take the hit to their stock, while I just sail on…


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