Boss Spotlight – Anub’Rekhan


Anub’Rekhan is likely the first boss you will encounter in Lich King raiding.  He is the first boss in the Spider Quarter of Naxxramas.  If you are new to raiding, do not just brush him off.  He is one of the most underestimated bosses in Naxx, ESPECIALLY for new raiding groups.

Core Mechanics

  • AMG!  Adds!
  • Healer Under Attack!
  • Silence, you fool!
  • Team Coordination
  • Movement


Layout of the Fight

Initial Information

You will enter the circular room at the blue spot.  The boss will be at the red spot.  Around the outside of the room is a moat of slime, but there is a very small ledge on the other side of the moat that the tank will need to be able to run on.

Git’ er Done!

The main tank should engage Anub and immediately pull him to the brown spot.  As always, the boss’ back should be to the raid.  Main tank will need to build up as much aggro as possible, outside of blowing any cooldowns.

Ranged DPS and heals should be at the green spot, but at maximum casting distance.  Melee, hug up to the bosses hiney.  Because you like that.  DO NOT stick to the sides – Anub has a fairly large hit box, and you can get caught up in the cleave.  No, its all hiney for you.

Soon after engaging, right before a “swarm,” Anub will spawn a Crypt Stalker.  This add needs to immediately be grabbed by the Off Tank, and moved to the Purple Spot (from the diagram above).  When the add spawns, all DPS need to immediately swap to it, and down it.  It’s not particularly difficult to down him, but he does have a lot of hit points, so all DPS should be pounding on him, including Melee.

At the same time an add spawns (or usually, just before), Anub will do Locust Swarm, which lasts about 15 seconds or so.  If you are caught next to him, you will get silenced for a full 7 seconds.  The range is just short of your ranged and heal max range.  If they are at max range, they will not get caught in the silence.

As soon as the Swarm starts, the tank should hop the moat of slime and run on the ledge to the blue spot.  Do not even worry about keeping aggro.  Just run.  This is where that large aggro pool will help out, and the DPS are not going to be on the boss anyway, until the add is killed.  Once you have kited him, his swarm should be over, and you can resume normal tanking.

Also, during the Swarm, a crapton (thats metric) of little scarab beetles will spawn and start chewing up the raid.  The damage is mostly insignificant, but can be a pain for healers.  They should be cleaned up as soon as the add is down, with AoE.

Once the add is down, and the beetles are cleaned up, resume DPS on the boss.  Tank should continue kiting back and forth from the Brown Spot (about 2 o’clock) to the Blue Spot (6 o’clock) and back.  Rinse and repeat till dead.  If your DPS is a bit lacking, this boss will enrage

Alternitive Strat

Don’t kite.  Everything else stays the same.

This strat really depends on your tank and healing ability.  If you choose not to kite, during the swarm phase, the tank will take massive amounts of damage.

Also, because of silence, your tank may have issues with threat.  Make sure that your DPS throttles as they resume DPS on the boss.

Notes For Ret

Ret, unfortunately, your DPS is just going to suck.  Single target is not our strong point, and neither is switching targets, which you are going to have to do through the whole fight.

Do not hug the boss during Swarm, he will silence you and kill your DPS anyway.

You can use Holy Wrath, just make sure to watch your Mana.

Also, watch your healers, and clean up the beetles when you can.

Notes For Prot

Prot can do either MT or OT fight rather well.  The only concern is if you don’t run fast enough, he will catch you with a silence, locking you out of most threat spells for a while.  Your best bet is to just pound hard on the threat to get it way up there.  If you catch a silence, let your DPS team know and make them watch threat.  Use Holy Wrath, mana permitting, to gain additional threat.

Notes For Holy

Standing in the center, with the kite pattern as I have defined, you should not have to move much.  The exception is when the tank has to hop the slime wall.  Be extra careful, if the tank misses, it will kill half his health bar.  If you are at max range during the stand and burn phases, likely you will have to take a step or two forward to be able to heal during the kite phase.

The biggest risk here, of course, is the silence.  Do not get silenced.  At max range you will likely be out of Holy Shock range, so be careful.  Your emergency button is only good for your other raid mates, not the tank.  If you have melee DPS, you should be able to pop it on them, and the beacon will of course pass this on.


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