My name is Shawn.  I am a fun loving guy, always looking for something new and exciting to do.  I love riding rollercoasters (the taller and faster, the better).  I love trying new foods and experiences.  I’m rarely ever the sad face in a crowd, always trying to be chipper and raise everyone’s mood.  I am endlessly clumsy, being the proud owner of two left thumbs (of which are, of course, covered in butter), and two left feet (which I am normally found tripping over).  I work at a small company in the disabilities market, specifically for speech generation for the non verbal.  I love it, and I wish I had the power to give everyone who needed one, a communication aid.  I’m fiercely loyal (perhaps to a fault), but not quick to anger.  I have been told by many that I have the patience of a saint.  I love Boxing…  No, not watching it silly, there is no fun in that.  No, I love actually boxing.  When you are in the ring, nothing else matters, not the music, not the crowd, nothing.  Its you, your opponent, and your own body.  After 30 minutes your body becomes more dangerous to you than your opponent – Keep those feet moving – arms up, elbows in, etc…  It is a test of endurance, willpower, and training to stay standing.  I listen to all kinds of music – and day to day, week to week, my preference changes.


My name is Firespirit.  I am a champion of The Light, protector of the innocent.  I was taken in by a fantastic guild at a measly little level 10.  They are my family.  I am fiercely protective of my guild, and will happily lay my life down to protect any of them.  When justice must be done, I like to fight with a hammer.  Swords and Axes get the job done, but there is something extremely gratifying swinging something that many people cannot even lift.  I know, I know, pride.  The Light will forgive me my tresspasses.  I eagerly await the appearance of the Lich King, who I intend to smash to bits once he does.  A betrayal of that magnitude cannot go unpunished.  Justice must prevail.

I invite you all to introduce yourself, in the comments.  The introductions can be anything you want, your profession, how you describe yourself, hobbies, intrests, anything at all!  Be as long winded, or as brief as you would like.  You can introduce yourself, or your toon, or both.  Please, no last names, or identifying information.  This is the internet, after all.  Comments that give too much information will be moderated for your protection.  Other than that, you have free reign.

For those of you brave enough to write your introductions, you may be part of an upcoming post (probably late next week).  But I won’t single you out, so don’t worry.  This is meant to be a bit of fun, so don’t be a party pooper.   I know there are a few of you who read this.  Introduce yourself!

2 Responses to “Introductions!”
  1. Tutunkommon says:

    Heya! My name is Joe. I was a nerd before it was cool! I was the kid in sixth grade, back in 1983, that carried around the Apple II Programmer’s Reference Manual to class for extra reading. Yea, that was me getting beat up on the playground too. I have worked for several companies in the industrial automation field, the most recent of which is for a small distributor, playing the part of an Application Engineer. What is that? The best way I can explain it is like this: Have you ever seen “How It’s Made” on Discovery, where they show all the different machines making stuff in the factories? I design the human interface (touchscreens, buttons, lights, etc.) and write the programs that control those machines. If your blueberry yogurt has 25 blueberries in it instead of 30, it’s my fault (yes, true example). I like to tell people that “Anyone can write a macro in excel, but if my programs are wrong, people can get killed”. Oh yea, I design machine safety systems too!

    Greetings. I am Tutunkommon. I am warlock. That wasn’t a typo, it was an embodiment. I use that which is dark and evil, and bend it to *MY* will to do as *I* desire. Any fool can swing a sword, spilling blood on the ground and making a mess. But the subtlety of destroying an enemy from the inside, causing their own body and soul to betray them, that is true power. In a matter of seconds, you have been corrupted, burning fire erupts from within, an agonizing curse falls on you, and you run, screaming in terror, as I hurl physical balls of shadow and death at you. As a final insult, as you perish, I harvest your soul, and force it to my aid in destroying others, as I did you. I call, and command, demons from other worlds to do my bidding. And they obey without question. I am loyal to those who return my loyalty, but beware if you take up opposition to my friends and family.

    Welcome! My name is Imhoughtep. I am a druid, at one with nature around me. I am NOT, however, one of those tree-hugging, hummis eating, namby-pamby night elves that a certain tauren movie maker has portrayed. No, I use the forces of nature to fight off those who would disrupt the balances that Elune provides for us. In return, I have been given abilities to take on the bodies of the creatures I defend. The lightening speed of the cheetah, the power of the bear, the subtlety of the cat, the soaring majesty of the bird, and, of course, the magic channeling power of the moonkin. With these abilities granted to me by Elune, I will defend the world that so many are trying to tear asunder. I will call down stars from the sky to destroy, while causing the life force of nature around me to heal those that fight by my side. By Elune’s grace, I have found a group, no a family, of others that believe as I do. Together, we will right the wrongs in this world, and restore the balance that has for so long gripped Azeroth. For Elune!

  2. Tamarind says:

    *runs away screaming*


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