The AH/JC Experiment – Take Advantage Of Maintenance Days

Just a short post for you today.  I have the introductions post coming up, but I am insanely busy at work, and my off time, is, well, off time.  Look for it beginning of next week.

Anyway, I wanted to post a quick tip here.  Remember that once a week, on tuesdays, there is usually some kind of maintenance.  The AH duration counter DOES NOT stop ticking during the maintenance.  This is prime opportunity to bid – not buyout – but bid on low cost materials – specifically epic gems.  Yes, epics.  Just before you log out monday night, hit the AH and look for cheap bids on gems.  If you find one or two, bid on them.  Because of the maintenance, you are not likely to be outbid, and you are likely to win that item – in some cases, while the server is still down.  This prevents competition and bidding wars, but it also prevents posters from realizing that they accidentally posted a Cardinal Ruby at 50g instead of the 130g they normally go for.  Apples ripe for the picking people.

This tip applies to just about everything, not just JC mats.

This is a BIG portion of where I get cheap mats, especially with Eternals being so expensive right now.


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