Music, On The Rocks

As you all well know, I play WoW.  But that is just one aspect to my life (as should be true for any healthy lifestyle).  I draw inspiration and motivation from many different sources.

A Major source of Inspiriation and Motivation is Music, just like many.  And these days, more than ever, it is easier and easier to have music that you like almost 24/7 streaming to you – from iPod’s to .mp3 players to CD’s and iTunes and Zune’s galore.

As many of you also know, I am extremely eclectic.  I dabble in this and that, and like most all music.

So, on the sidebar, I have added a widget that whenever I post a new post, I will add a new song to suggest that you check out on iTunes (or your preferred media player).  I would also like for you to suggest music for me, or add comments about the music I have selected in that day’s post.  Think of it like a collective “expand your musical horizons.”  If you don’t like it, tell me.  And tell me why.  If you do, tell me that.  And if you have a suggestion for the board, please feel free to send me the info at any of the contact points in the “About” tab at the top.  I’d be happy to check almost anything out, and pass it on to the readers.


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