Housekeeping, Oh The Housekeeping…

I am sorry for the slow posting as of late.  I am just not feeling well.  In fact, this week, I have only logged on long enough to do the heroic daily every day, and then right back off to go wallow in my own sickness and try to sleep.  Yesterday I felt a little better and went into my first 25 man VoA run (because of my crappy net, I hardly ever get to play in 25 mans).  It was an alt run of the top alliance guild on the server, so I was a bit intimidated.  But after the raid was over, I was #2 on overall dps.  I impressed the hell out of the GM of their guild,  considering most of them were in all T9.5, and I only have one piece of T9.10.  It was extremely gratifying, and speaks to how well optimized I have my gear.

Bragging aside (I get to do that once in a while, right?), I also did work on my jc last night.  Saronite ore on my server is nearly non-existent.  I have to pick it up here and there in groups of 5 or so.  It took me nearly a week to get about 2k worth of ore.

Enchanting mats, specifically Infinite dust, has just come crashing down in price.  So I am going to take another route and make up some scrolls and see if they sell.  Even the cheapie enchants seem to be going for at least what I was making with the mats before the crash, if not more.  Profit in some cases would be 100-125%.

Blue quality gems have been spiraling down.  Only the biggest of the JC’ers seems to be sticking to the market, and only because he probably has a huge network of suppliers.  It looks like some of the “JCers of the Month” from the mmo-champion guide are finally falling out.  Hopefully that will mean prices will start coming back up.

Anyway, I will be resuming normal posting as soon as I feel a bit better.  Perhaps you might just see the rare weekend post.  Oh and btw – Happy Halloween Everyone!

Ohh, and BTW.  I had a couple of people ask me where they can get at the music I am recommending.

4 Responses to “Housekeeping, Oh The Housekeeping…”
  1. Lorgrath says:

    Feel better Fire!

    Shame I turned all my saronite ore into bars way back. I have probably close to 100 bars. 😦

  2. Red says:

    Awesome job on the DPS!
    Good to see you in a 25 man.
    Gear is nice, but skill, style, spec, experience trump gear… – that’s why your awesome.
    People have no idea how great your dps would be if you had no lag… (Ahhh the coffee shop).

  3. jong says:

    “I have only logged on long enough to do the heroic daily every day, and then right back off to go wallow in my own sickness and try to sleep.” That’s serious dedication to the cause. Hope you feel better soon.

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