Boss Spotlight – Anub’Rekhan

Anub’Rekhan is likely the first boss you will encounter in Lich King raiding.  He is the first boss in the Spider Quarter of Naxxramas.  If you are new to raiding, do not just brush him off.  He is one of the most underestimated bosses in Naxx, ESPECIALLY for new raiding groups. Core Mechanics AMG!  Adds! … Continue reading

JC Update – Watching The Impact

I haven’t done a JC post in a while, so I thought I would just throw out an update.  The current market can be summed up as follows: Low supply on mats, High supply on crafted items. Ever since the MMO-Champion guide came out, it has been really difficult to get any ore at all. … Continue reading

And In Other News….

Hey everyone, just saw this, and thought I would post it to the world to see.  I hate doing double posts, because it covers up my other, fantastic post, but I think this is important enough to broadcast: Bloggers now have to disclose any payments, including freebies, they received to review a product. Else you … Continue reading

Watching The Stars

One of the first things you learn in Astronomy is that you are not looking at stars. Nope, when you look at the sky and see the infinite number of stars up there, you are actually seeing the light from them that was emitted millions of years before.  This makes them a kind of time … Continue reading

Training The Common Player

WoW players are lazy. … … There, I said it.  I said what everyone knows, and only trolls say – WoW players, as a general rule, are lazy.  But, its not their fault. Wait, what? Yes, I am telling you that those annoying ass people who stand in the fire, move into whirlwinds, don’t know … Continue reading