And, Thanks!

It’s really easy to move through life without ever stopping to smell the roses and reflect, so to speak.  Which is an absolute shame.  I am a firm believer that you must look at the past to learn from mistakes and move on. So, as most of you know, us Americans celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow.  Canadians … Continue reading

The Turkinator

Pro tip for those who are trying, but failing on your Turkinator acheivment (the one where you have to kill 40 turkeys) – Well, first, dont do it in elwynn.  Go to trisfal or redridge.  Find a little secluded spot that you and maybe one other is farming. The real tip, however, is to wait … Continue reading

L2Ret – The Stats and Gem Superpost

Stats can be confusing.  I get it.  But as a ret paladin, you don’t get to make some of the mistakes that others make.  Spellpower?  Nope.  ArmPen?  Hell no.  So read on to see how you can maximize your DPS. The Stats You Should Be Concerned With Ok, so ret paladins have 9 basic stats … Continue reading

World of Gated Content Craft

I’m sure many of you have heard the announcement of how Icecrown Citadel is panned out.  Basically, there are 6 unique, gated methods being used to gate the content from ICC: -Each “wing” of the place will be released individually, at least SEVERAL weeks apart -You must defeat all the bosses in each wing before … Continue reading

Boss Spotlight: Onyxia

Onyxia, especially 10 man, requires extreme coordination among your raid group.  This is a divide and conquer type fight, and one that will really expose the weaknesses in your raid. Core Mechanics AMG!  Adds! Healer Under Attack! Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid! Team Coordination Pay The **** Attention! Initial Information Onyxia is a three phase … Continue reading

My Passings With The Supernatural

Hello Internets! Im not feeling so well today.  I had a migraine last night that just would not stop, and I have what I call “swollen head syndrome” today.  Anyone who has every had a serious migraine knows what this feels like – it literally feels like your head is swollen and full of water … Continue reading

No NaNo Here

So, for all of you who have been wondering just what the heck in this NaNoBloWriMo and NaNoWriMo stuff is – basically its “National November (blog) Writing Month.”  I will not be participating. Basically, it challenges bloggers to post something every day.  Or, if you go the standard writing way, to write a book with … Continue reading

Why Can’t We Get A Set Like….

This? This is a perfect embodyment of what I think all of T10 should have looked like – Class Evoking, yet slightly sinister.  It looks like the shaman has picked up the skill of one of the lichiepoo’s minions and bent it to his own will.  And the shoulders… Epic.

Obligatory Paladin PvP Post, Pre-3.3

Okie Dokie.  So, most of the changes on the PTR for 3.3 have been squarely aimed at PvP.  So I thought that I would take the time out and address what is going on in PvP from a Ret side of things. Currently, Ret has been relegated to a purely support role.  What I mean … Continue reading

T10 Curveball

This just from blizz’s official site.  Apparently the datamined pics from MMO-Champion are incorrect.  Above you will find the actual pally T10 armor.  Not that it is much better. Well, I shouldnt say that.  It definately invokes a paladin better.  Its got pseudo wings attached to the front straps of the shoulders.  And they are … Continue reading