Bumblesbounc is about the most interesting person that I know.  She is an ordained minister, she has a garden as big as my entire backyard, she is a carpenter (of sorts) and is making a checkerboard on to one of her tables.  She often comes back with interesting tales about what she ate or canned fresh out of her garden, and endlessly taunts me because I hate bratwurst (Bleah!).  She has 6 (7?) grandchildren, and every night at 10 server, she has “mom time” in which she chats with her mom, either IM or over the phone.  She is also competing with me to try and getloremaster first (which I think she probably will).

Joe, who I know by Tutunkommon in game, is very intelligent.  He is writing his own game.  He hardly ever plays his main anymore, because the playstyle does not fit with his RP vision for the character – that which corrupts the mind and soul from the inside out.  He plays the game with his lovely wife, Nephratiti.  She is an absolute sweetheart who I would do almost anything for (not to mention that she is a very talented photographer).  Tut is our resident multiboxer, and he is actually pretty good at it.  He did a custom questline for our second guild anniversary with his shaman.  It was hilarious, and I cannot wait to see it next year.

Lorgrath lives somewhere over on the east coast (boston, I think).  If you ask him about his car, I am sure you will get a 15 minute description about how he has modified this or that on it.  He also runs a blog (aquatic-eden.com).  If I had the space, I would totally set up a few aquariums on his site.

There is one thing that I think we all fall victim to in this game – ignoring the person on the other side of the keyboard.  We all have our own agenda in the game, and that is fine.  But WoW, by its nature, is very conducive to bringing so many people together from other walks of life, that if we are all just raiding Icecrown Citadel and nothing else, we are going to miss a fantastic opportunity to get to know people that you would not normally socialize with.

Tamarind is incredibly practical, and I mean that in a good way.  He (she? I am still trying to sort that out.  Every time I think I have it, Tam will say the opposite.) has that kind of practical approach to the game (and his blog) that tells the person that he really does know what he is doing, or talking about.  He is very eloquent, and has a unique perspective on WoW, and sometimes even life in general.  But he is too sheepish to write an introduction about himself 🙂

Miscianna and Zurelone are married, and continue to play in game.  They were, perhaps, some of my first friends in game.  Z is hilarious, and any time he is in vent, we often spend just as long talking about boss strats as we do just busting out laughing.  Miscianna is a gifted photographer.  I facebook with them (well, as often as I facebook, LOL) outside of wow.  One day I hope to take a flight up to Canada to visit them and meet them in person.  They are family to me.

When I took my first history class in college, learing about things past, I lamented about the death of the American Oral History.  Everything we learn now is from books and instructors, in a sterile learning environment.  We are quizzed, tested, drilled on facts, dates, times, people.  I was fortunate enough to live with my great grandparent for a short time.  We would often talk, play cards, boardgames, anything so that us children were not sat in front of the television.  Often it was about things I didn’t understand, but looking back now, they were very wise people.  I wish I could bring them back (no not Arthas style 🙂  ) and talk to them, listening to the wisdom they have etched into their bones.  Many times, I end up just chatting back and forth with my guildies, in a similar manner, listening to their wisdom, knowing that I have truly learned something that really meant something to someone.  It may be as simple as “don’t burn the pot roast when the mother in law is town, she will smell it a mile away” to as complex as canning and baking instructions.  Not to mention the valuable life lessons that they impart.

Bindi is another guildie that I facebook with.  She is a real estate agent, and before I got into WoW, I come to find out that she was actually in (just passing through) my hometown.  Remarkably she sounds just like my late grandmother.  You couldnt find a nicer person – she would give her clothes off her toon to help you if she could.  And she is a dammed good mage to boot.

Yarsh is one one of the best hunters that I know.  He still does not get BM hunters (he is Surv/MM), but he knows his stuff.  I may talk a lot of trash, but I hardly ever catch up to him in DPS.  He is also my “state the obvious” person when we are raiding, because often times when I am raid leading, I cant see the forest for the trees.

Hotroyalty and Prancess I met with my first raid group.  They are great people to raid with and endlessly funny.  Raids would not be the same without them.  They are both vet techs at the same vet down in San Diego, and often chatter about which dog or cat was in serious trouble.

Jinxie is one of the closest friends I have in WoW.  We always chat it up in whispers outside of guild chat (which can lead to some hilarious mis-types when we are carrying on too many conversations).  She is another person that I consider family.  We live but 3 hours away, and I still have not met her in person.  This is something I absolutely must do.  We lived through major guild drama together (not to discount what everyone else was going through at that time, but both Jinx and I were targeted specifically by the same person), and we have a unique understanding of one another.  I can tell her anything, and she can tell me anything.  My day is always that much brighter when she is online.

Too often, I think, we as people try to categorize everything.  Everything and everyone must have a label and sorted out.  I am not naive, I know that if I said to knock it off right now, no one would do it.  It’s built into us from an early age.  we are taught not to talk to strangers, don’t be a bad boy like little Johnny, don’t be a looser dropout like Sue.  WoW takes that to the extreme – you are a hunter.  Beyond that you are a beastmaster hunter.  Beyond that you are a casual beast master hunter.  That may be an alt.  That may be an alt of an alt.  You bought that toon off of eBay?  You are terribad.  You are a member of a failpug.

However, I know one thing.  If I have to be a “Hardcore” player to get into the best groups, raid with the best teams; If being “Hardcore” means that everything I have typed above will be reduced to “Jinxie, Miscianna, Zurelone, Joe, and Bumblesbounc are all casuals, they will never get anywhere, and Yarsh, Lor, Hot, and Tab are all great players but have restricted game time, so they are going no where,” then I have one thing to say:

Long live us casuals.

9 Responses to “Uncategorized…..”
  1. Yarsh says:

    I do get BM for leveling, BM was my main spec from level 1 to 80 and until the big nerf patch of BM. SV/MM are currently the tops DPS specs and if you are planing to do raiding I suggest you be one of these specs. That being said BM is slowly moving back up on the DPS with recent patchs changes but is still not at the same level of SV and MM. Now if the day ever comes that BM does the same DPS output as SV/MM i would most likely move back to BM as I miss exotic pets.

    If anyone needs help with there hunter please check out this below one of the best i have ever found

  2. Ten'nen says:

    Yes! Casuals as amazing! I still remember one of the most fun times I had playing WoW were when me and some at-the-time guildies were wiping in Heroic Shadow Labs before they fixed the second boss, and we decided to see how long we could keep running back in and keep the fight going. It lasted for almost 40 minutes, and I literally nearly peed myself laughing. None of us were super hard-core players, and so we might have been a tad under-geared as a group…but it was still fun. And it was fun because I had gotten to know them much more personally, and knew that one paladin was played by an 87-year old woman would often leave in the middle of a boss fight to check on the meatloaf in the oven, forgetting that she had checked it before the fight so she wouldn’t have to leave, and that her daughter was halfway around the country with their whole family on the speaker talking to her planning their trip, and their friend was playing at a boarding school he worked at, and could only whisper so as not to wake up the sleeping youth next door.

    Yeah, casuals are awesome because we keep the “Player” involved in the “Multi-player” alive.

  3. Bumbles says:

    Thank you for your kind words 🙂

    It is 5 1/2 grandkids though…..number 7 can wait a long long time lol

    • Firespirit says:

      hehe, 6 is close enough.. there are no “halves” when you are a grandma 🙂 The spoiling starts right when you know you are going to add one in 9 months, LOL!

  4. Lorgrath says:

    This post was just awesome. I’m sure you could have gone on for pages with all the other amazing characters in our guild or that we play with, and I would have loved every bit of it. This is honestly my favorite part of the game. I simply wouldn’t play if it meant silent guild chat, locked vent chat, and no interesting back stories. Hearing about what Bumbles is pickling today, or having Athurla interject with some borderline dirty joke (or call me fearful leader!), or (my favorite) asking Prancess to try to explain a boss fight just for laughs is what makes it all worth it to me. Loot, progression, and character development are just bonuses on the side. Casuals are the community, and the community is what makes it so special.

    BTW, small typo in the blog URL 🙂

  5. Tutunkommon says:

    Loved it… Also, couldn’t agree more with it. I have to go check out Lor’s aquariums now. I have a 100 gallon tank with 4 fish in it right now. The catfish is almost big enough to fry up at this point. LOL! You know you’re a redneck if you have a fishing pole next to the aquarium! (or the above ground pool)!

    Thanks for the kind words!

    Keso also agrees with it, especially re: bindi, Lor, and Yarsh.

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