T10 Curveball

huge-paThis just from blizz’s official site.  Apparently the datamined pics from MMO-Champion are incorrect.  Above you will find the actual pally T10 armor.  Not that it is much better.

Well, I shouldnt say that.  It definately invokes a paladin better.  Its got pseudo wings attached to the front straps of the shoulders.  And they are glowy.  But they are a bit shapely.

Overall the set looks like something sinister that has been purified by the paladin.  Look at the helm (ignore that it looks like a lighter, even more so with the glowy crystal at the top) – it looks like a demon that has a holy crystal shoved in its head.  I think this is about where the paladin-ey feeling stops though.

I don’t like the shoulders.  Typically the shoulders are the setpeice for the whole design.  This looks too much like the PvP set.  And who would wear shoulders that high into battle?  sure it protects the head but it virtually blinds you.  A paladin may be heavily armored, but they (across most fantasy games) are typically geared for mobility.

Im glad they went with a white color and not the red/steel/rust from T8 though.  That was just horrid.

All in all, not a set that I think will be memorable – much like most of paladin tier sets.


This just in:  blizz made a goof and posted the pvp set and not the pve.  The above graphic is the next arena set.   The picture I posted several days back with lava flowing out our shoulders is the correct T10 graphics….

3 Responses to “T10 Curveball”
  1. Adam Lopez says:

    I heard this was a mistake, and the picture you posted if going to be the PVP Season rewards for paladins. At least according to MMO-Champion that is.

  2. Lorgrath says:

    Shame…I actually like this a bit better than the T10/Molten Core set.

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