Why Can’t We Get A Set Like….


This is a perfect embodyment of what I think all of T10 should have looked like – Class Evoking, yet slightly sinister.  It looks like the shaman has picked up the skill of one of the lichiepoo’s minions and bent it to his own will.  And the shoulders… Epic.

2 Responses to “Why Can’t We Get A Set Like….”
  1. Tamarind says:

    Even the little tentacle/horn/thingies on the helmet?

  2. Lorgrath says:

    Right!? When I saw this last night I was like “OMG that’s perfect…” and it just made me a little more sad for the paladin set. I feel like this (and maybe the DK…although it’s a bit ho-hum) is the perfect Icecrown set. Slightly sinister, icy, but still with class cues.

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