My Passings With The Supernatural

Hello Internets!

Im not feeling so well today.  I had a migraine last night that just would not stop, and I have what I call “swollen head syndrome” today.  Anyone who has every had a serious migraine knows what this feels like – it literally feels like your head is swollen and full of water and heavy and groggy, and all kinds of tired.

In any event, I am not in a very creative mood, so I thought I would post about something that I wrote on facebook, and had a few “What???!?!?” reactions.  These are a few personal accounts, and they are not in any way WoW related, so you may feel like skipping this.  Please keep comments courteous, I will answer any questions, so long as they are reasonable.  It is a long post though, so be careful of the crit effect from this wall of text 🙂

I recently went and saw Paranormal Activity.  It is being heralded across the interwebs as one of the scariest movies of all time.  I definitely think it ranks really high.  However, the movie was a bit more personal for me.

(****** Warning – potential spoilers******)

As you may or may not know, it does involve a couple (in particular, the woman) being haunted (or more accurately, stalked) by a demon.  I won’t spoil the end, but I will say that the guy got what he deserved.

Anyway, the movie is very personal (I still have nightmares), because I was haunted before.

Yes, people, I truly do believe that I was (and maybe still am) haunted.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

I do believe that there are forces unseen in this world.  Demons, ghosts, angels, spirits, all of these words are ways to describe them.  I also believe that whether or not you belive in them, they can still effect you.

My First Encounter

Let me start by giving just a smidge of a background.  My first encounter was when I was 7.  My mom had married my stepfather when I was 5 (That is a WHOLE other story).  My Step Dad’s father was really sick.  He had colon cancer, and basically hung on by a thread for almost two years.  The man terrified me whenever we went to see him.  I don’t know what it was.  Even today, thinking back, I get the shivers.  I just couldn’t keep it together even long enough to sit on his lap before I would just freak out and  run as fast and as far as I could.

Anyway, he was really sick for two years.  The night that the time came for him to pass, he had been in the hospital for almost two weeks.  My mom and my step father had been by his side for almost the whole two weeks.  My grandmother was babysitting me.  The night that he did pass, it was quiet in the neighborhood.  I didn’t even know he had passed, as my parents had not come home from the hospital.

About 1AM in the morning (shortly after he had passed) I awoke to someone whispering my name at the foot of my bed.   I am not talking gentle whispers of sweet nothings.  I am talking, a near yell of a whisper.  Whispering as hard as you can without using your voice.  Being young and completely terrified, I did not move while this continued for about half hour.  After about half hour, I just couldnt take it any more I ran.  I ran to my grandmother, who didn’t know what was going on.  That event prompted me to start listening to music at night.

The Haunted House

Although that night was burned into my memory for eternity (I had a lot of trouble sleeping after that), I was actually left alone for a while.  Life went on, and we moved constantly.  By my count we had moved 11 times from the start of my 5th grade till just after 7th grade started.

Anyway, 7th grade we moved to a beautiful house (I would LOVE to have owned that house at one point) that was built in the 1800’s.   It was a former horse ranch, situated on 80 acres of land (which is absolutely massive).  The one problem – it was in the middle of nowhere.  It was a 1.5 hour trip to school (and I was the last pickup, so it was straight to school), and because of the route back home, it was a 3.5 hour bus ride home (homework was almost always done on the way home).  To go into “town” it was about an hour if you sped to get to the outskirts of civilization.

In any event, this is where the haunting started again.  To be fair, I can’t honestly say that it was the same entity, or different.  But I can say, that house had multiple entities in it.

Shortly after we moved in, we started hearing footsteps.  Things started getting moved, just like in the movie.  At first it was just things getting moved from the desk to the floor.  Near the end, it was more extreme (hang in there, that story is incoming).

My first experience, I was woken up due to being cold.  That house was extremely cold and drafty.  I also had to go to the bathroom.  So, I got up and went to my door.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a person, a young boy, in particular, standing outside in the cold.  I turned to get a look at it, and I never did make out his face.  He was standing just outside of my window, completely naked (but covering himself).  I had an immense feeling of compassion and sadness (but at the same time, fear, of course).  I watched for about 3 maybe four seconds, and then he just disappeared.  Freaked, of course, I ran to the bathroom, and stayed up for the rest of the night.

My second experience there was completely innocuous.  It was in broad daylight.  I had been raking and cleaning the immense door yard.  I noticed a man just walk from the garage area to the row of trees.  Oddly enough, although unsettling, he did not scare me.  I didnt ever see his face (like the boy, it was fuzzy), but he was dressed in a civil war garb.  I went investigating, and he was gone.  No footprints in the dirt and dust.

We had house guests  a few weeks later.  One of them actually had been scared to come back, because he had a story about something that happened.  Apparently, the last time that he was at our house, he left late.  As he was leaving, going through our driveway (which was long, and full of trees), he had seen this apparition that I had seen earlier – the civil war guy.  He looked down to make sure his door was locked, and looked back up.  The person was gone, but looking out the rearview mirror, he saw this spirit’s shadow in his brake lights.  At that very moment, while he was telling us his story, in the front room, there was a loud noise.  It was as if someone (or something) had dropped something really heavy on the floor.  We never did figure out what that noise was.

Keep in mind, that we had not told anyone about our encounters up to this point.  Our guest described the guy that I had seen a few weeks earlier exactly to what I had described.  However, our guest had exactly the opposite feeling.  He said that he was scared out of his wits – that the spirit (or whatever) was after him for whatever reason.

My final experience was several months later.  My mom had a bad case of  H. Pylori (ulcer causing stomach bacteria from undercooked meat), and she was extremely sick from the medication.  They had taken her into the hospital, and I was left all alone.  I was extremely nervous.  About midnight, I was watching TV and a brush from on top of the television was knocked off the TV and sent flying to the middle of the room.  It didnt just fall off, it was forcefully pushed.  Shortly after that (not 5 minutes) the entire area –  inside, outside – was lit up like daylight for about 30 seconds.  I dont know what the cause was, it freaked me the hell out though, and I ended up sitting back on the couch, shivering, until my family came home several hours later.

Soon After that, we moved from that house to one in town (thank god, civilization!), but next to a cemetery.  I know, I know, Cliche horror movie in the making, but it really isn’t too bad.

The High School Years

Eventually, I stated high school  My freshman year was hell, I was the geek that no one talked to.  Fortunately, that dissipated as the months went on.  Eventually, I got a group of friends, and some of them were into Wicca.  You know, the whole spell casting, paganistic religion.  While I didn’t really get into the religion with them (everyone to their own, and such), but I was keenly interested in the Tarot.

Over my sophomore years I learned how to read Tarot, and yes, I do believe that they work (I even have my own set of cards, testy as they may be).  I also learned about other Tarot-Like divination.  One, in particular, was called “guardian angel” cards.

Now, just so you understand, by the rules of Tarot, you are not supposed to use anyone else’s deck without their permission (a story, I will shortly get to).  But, these were close friends, I always had permission, especially since they were my friends.

One long lunch period in my junior year, I was learning about these Guardian Angel cards.  Supposedly they are just like tarot, but they are guided by a person’s guardian angel, rather than divination, or “fate.”  While shuffling the deck, I realized that I had shuffled the deck backwards (i.e. some were face down, some were face up).  Realizing the mistake I had just made, my friend and I looked up and kind of sighed together.  At that moment, I felt a deep sense of calm, and just closed my eyes for a split second.  My friend said that I also smirked at the same time.  I don’t remember that, but you never know.  I looked down at the cards, and they had all been re-arranged properly, and back in proper order (its not as simple to say it is Ace to King, but think that).  Keep in mind this all happened in a split second.  The cards never left my grasp.  I can easily tell you that is the most benevolent thing I have ever felt in my life.  Completely at peace, completely calm, I was never afraid.

Finally, I end with a mild story (comparatively).  It was my senior year.  I should have known better, but my Step father and a friend (brother from another mother, really close friend), wanted to play with a Ouija board.  It was late, my mom and sister were out (watching a movie, if I recall).  It was rainy and stormy, but there was a street light outside our house, so it was never really dark at our house.

Anyway, we were trying to get the thing to move for 20 minutes or so, while sitting around the kitchen table.  It really wasn’t doing anything.  My father then started acting really stupid, and started cursing at the board, asking questions that should not be asked.  Knowing wiccan friends, I knew there were certain things that you never EVER ask or tell a Ouija board.  Well, these are the things that he was spitting out to the board.  It must have pissed something off.  After about 5 minutes of this, I was getting really nervous.     Without warning, the cursor shot to the edge of the board (though not landing on anything), and I saw a shadow pass across our front window, as if someone or something passed in front of them.

Anyone who has believes they have seen a ghost will tell you that it is an immensely intense experience.  It tends to creep you out.  But normally, you get a feeling as to if the ghost is benevolent or malevolent.

I can tell you in that split second that the Ouija board moved and I saw the shadow, I have never been more terrified in my life.  It wasn’t just a creep factor.  It was fear.

I, of course, was the only one who saw it, but I can tell you that I cracked the board in half and trashed it while my father was investigating the front yard (which came up with nothing, of course).  I think I still owe my friend for that board, LOL.

Anyway, I hope that it was at least an interesting read.  I honestly believe that all of the above happened to me due to some supernatural thing – be it a spirit, demon, ghost, apparition, whatever you want to call it.  I am not asking you to judge.  I just wrote this as an interesting topic.  Again, I will answer any reasonable question.  Please keep the comments courteous.

I am happy to say, however, that I have not had any experiences since the last Ouija, but boy did that movie ever bring back some memories…  And not necessarily in a good way.


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