3.3 Is Here!

Just as expected, 3.3 dropped today.  The patch actually went VERY smooth for me, for a change.  The past 3 patches have been PITA’s for me, but this one, well, it actually just kinda… did its stuff.

Anyway, very lore heavy patch for those of us who are lore geeks.  wow.com has a Vodka made preview trailer (warning, spoilers!).  It just makes me shiver with anticipation.  I just hope my little laptop can pull through the graphics required, LOL.

The Citadel is absolutely stunning.

Anyway, have fun for those of you who are brave enough to venture into ICC tonight.  Our little rag-tag group is hitting Morrowgar tonight.  It’s a fairly simple fight, though execution is going to be the key.  Ill post a guide when I have actually seen him.  Until then, here is to knocking at Arthas’ door, waiting to take his ass down!

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