No Raid, But Fun Anyway!

So, after some server instability issues, the game finally let us in game yesterday, about 4:30 pacific time.  However, we unfortunately did not get enough people on to go in and attempt the first boss.  Thats ok, we were all having a blast.  Broken addons, Check!  Freezing game, check!  Overall server stability, Check!

It was fun, once everyone got on, it was an exodus of ins and outs figuring out this and that.

A bunch of us were on vent, chatting away, waiting to see what was going to happen about the raid.  It was a blast, just chatting away, having fun with our new little toys.

In any event, once we called off the raid, we got a couple of groups together for the new 5 man.  As many of us commented, it was an absolute blast, not only to have new content, but to go in blind and not know what was going to happen.  Not to mention, you know, not having to speed through the run like our life depended on it.  100k was the average trash mob health.  that is the average health of a pre-3.3 heroic boss.  So it definately slowed things down.  And darn it, some of them really hurt.

Aggro was definately a problem for our pally tank.  Not sure why, but she kept cursing, and trying to figure it out.  And she is one of our best tanks.  She’s probably going to peruse some forums and places like maintankadin to see if she was the only one.

Props to the most fun part of the new 5 man – the frozen gauntlet.  Everyone was kind of dreading it – we had one 5 man group ahead of us that told us a little of what to expect.  When we got there, we all kinda sighed.  But you know what, about halfway through, even the healer was giggling, saying “wow, this is kinda fun.”  And it was.  Don’t get me wrong, you had to be on your toes, but it was a little like a dance.  Just your team and the content, ripe for the picking.  Cant wait to heal that myself, and see how many people I loose.

Finally got into halls of reflection, and those aggro problems were just out of control.  Our poor tank, she kept screaming “im doing everything I can, all my stuff is on cooldown!”  We got to wave 3 and the instance froze.  It was bizzare, because the whole instance kinda looked like we had d/c’d.   We could chat, but no one could move.  So we all logged into our other toons, and finally, our mains had disconnected and we logged in to find everyone had been hearthed.  So we called it a night.

Not sure what to do about halls of reflection, that seems to be tough.  Probably going to go back in there on normal mode and see what can be done before trying it on heroic again.

Anyway, the battered hilt dropped for our healer, gratz to Lorgrath.  Though I wanted to wrench it out of his cold dying hands 🙂

For all you ret pallies out there, QD is going to be a MASSIVE upgrade from anything you can get in 10 man raiding up until an axe from deathbringer saurfang, but even then, if you are not expertise capped, and you are a human, you should stick with the sword.  Haven’t looked at 25 man loot tables yet, though.  And no, don’t take the mace.  I have no friggin clue, but they optimized that thing for a huntard, and they cant even use maces (so I’m told).  I don’t know, maybe its an error on the side of wowhead.  The blade you are going to be looking for is Quel’Delar, Might of the Faithful.

So all in all, it was a nice evening.  Im looking forward to farming that instance to death for my heal set, which can use a new… well, just about everything from there.  But most of all, a cloak.

BTW, in the Pit of Sauron, right after ick and crick, there is a ramp with a pull of 5 mobs at the same time.  They are all casters.  You may have to use your cc there, they hurt really badly.  Our pally healer was bombing HL around the group to keep the tank up.

9 Responses to “No Raid, But Fun Anyway!”
  1. Hatch says:

    Hah! You must be in my battlegroup. My server was one of the last ones to come up last night, and we too ended our evening frozen but still able to chat. Fun!

    • Firespirit says:

      Hehe, hatch. I’m sure that many battlegroups were experiencing similar problems, but it would be fun to eventually pick you up in pug one of these days 🙂

  2. Ophelie says:

    “Aggro was definately a problem for our pally tank. Not sure why, but she kept cursing, and trying to figure it out. And she is one of our best tanks. She’s probably going to peruse some forums and places like maintankadin to see if she was the only one.”

    I haven’t checked the forums, but I can testify that she’s not the only one! I had a terrible time as paladin tank too. I blamed it on the mobs in the groups being casters and being spread out to the point where I had to physically run from one to the other to hit them.

    • Firespirit says:


      Welcome! Thanks for the comments much!

      I’m glad, and so is she, frankly, that she was not the only one. She was pretty irritated.

      Nice blog by the way! Ill have to stop by more often 🙂

      • Ophelie says:

        Thanks! I’ve been a long time reader, but I need to learn to comment more 🙂

        And I was really happy too when I read that I wasn’t the only one who struggled with those mobs.

        The challenge of having to time AS properly and position everything was kind of nice, I agree. Once the “WHY WON’T OBEY ME?” feeling cleared up, the thinking game of it reminded me why I love tanking in the first place.

    • Lorgrath says:

      Bingo. I went back in and tanked these instances and they spread the mobs out just far enough that any AOE you can do doesn’t reach them unless you hurl your shield at some of the casters to silence them and let them run into your strategically placed Consecration. So using both spells in each pull is almost required now, as well as figuring out positioning to a T. Frustrating, but the challenge was kind of fun…Droc (our healer) didn’t appreciate it though!

  3. Tamarind says:

    You know, reading other people’s blogs about the new content is, if anything, more fun than wading through it … all the fun of patch day with none of the bugs!

  4. Lorgrath says:

    December 16th: Lord Marrowgar is now tauntable.


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