Dungeon Finder, and New Heroic 5 Mans

Ohh boy, Ohh boy.

So, The new dungeon finder…  Yeah, its kinda…   Hell…   As a healer.  I think the whole thing is suffering from a severe case of “I’ll never see these people again” itis.   I’m not kidding.

Yesterday it got so bad, that I made a healer macro, Per Tam’s suggestion.

Welcome to the group, fellow puggies.  My name is Firespirit, and I’ll be healing this run.  Please note the following, for a smooth and effective run:  I do not heal DPS who pulls aggro.  I do not heal people who stand in fire.  If we die, we all run, including the tank.  You don’t run?  You don’t get rezzed from me.  Locks, please pay attention!  My mana bar is not your mana drink.  You  may lifetap only after bosses.  I do not heal Jerks in general, so if you call me a tard, I will announce your current hit points, and you had better hope you have enough band-aids to get you through.  If you have any problems with the above general etiquette, please vote-kick me now.  That is all.

And you know what?  Every time I spammed that, I got laughter instead of the stale, silent run.  It inspired stories of failpugs from multiple servers.  Instead of trying to one-up the last pull, they are trying to one up the most recent failpug story.  I am ok with that 🙂  It slows them the hell down.

Tanks seem to all want to marathon the dammed instances.  I had one tank pull the entire drake room in H UK, and expect me to heal through that.  There comes a point at which, when all the mobs hit just for the minimum amount, that it still adds up to bigger than your entire health pool.  SLOW DOWN.  Its not a friggin race.  ESPECIALLY you lesser geared tanks.  I don’t mind healing a lower geared tank.  I DO mind healing a lesser geared tank pulling THE ENTIRE INSTANCE AND A BOSS – AT THE SAME TIME!!!!

And healers.  I think healers are just dumbfounded and are still trying to learn to keep up with this new race.  One of my guildies commented that he had to learn to stop looting just to keep up.  That is just insane and uncalled for.

Anyway, I mentioned that the whole system is suffering from the “I’ll never see them again, sooo….” syndrome.  Yeah, comments fly freely.  I’ve been called everything from a “tardbucket” to a “douchedrip” (wtf is that?), people from other servers just dont care.  There is no threat of retaliation (not that there really is on the main server either), but not even of humiliation.  I mean, you ninja something in muradin, or just be a general jerk, people will name and shame you trade.  Our server is quite the close group of people (as close as you can get to 10,000 other random internet peoples) – guild leaders know guild leaders, top blacksmiths know other top blacksmiths…  So to speak.   Ninjas and jerks dont get far on our server.  But you know what?  There is none of that with a pug on this new system.  I mean, how do you gripe out the guild leader of another server?  Yeah, isnt really happening.

Anyway, angry rant is angry rant.  I only heal heroics because I know I can make it smoother and more enjoyable.  I may swap it up and see how it is on the dps side of things.

In other news, I am really loving the new heroics.  Healing it at first was a chore – and it still is in Halls of Reflection (wow, can you throw anything ELSE at a pally healer?).  Last night, in fact, we struggled for the better part of 2 hours on the thing, and just couldnt *quite* get anything done.  We had to go with a two tank setup, because the amount of damage incoming to a DK tank…  Holy cow.  Plus, he was having trouble keeping the mobs where they need to be.

Pro tip:  If you are doing the whole LOS thing behind one of the big bosses, make sure your tank takes the mobs out of fear bomb range.  That is where we kept failing.  Rogue with a fear bomb, with all those dammed poisons – even with a trinket, I’d always loose the tank.

But DPSing in there is a bit of a chore as well.  Who in the hell decided to put all of those reflect mechanisms in there?  Spell reflect, many of the bosses have soul reflect, its just insane.  But… fun as well.  I love running these with guildies.

Anyway, its really busy at work, and at home preparing for everything.  Posting is likely going to be slow until after the holidays.

8 Responses to “Dungeon Finder, and New Heroic 5 Mans”
  1. Bumbles says:

    I don’t remember now who I was talking to, but we had a discussion about this very thing the day it became reality. We both agreed this was a bad idea for the very same reason you gave, “I’ll never see them again, sooo….” syndrome””

    Too bad people have to be that way 😦

  2. red says:

    I have had 95% great pugs, but I pugged a lot before the tool too. Any bad pug is over shortly, and is hardly worth remembering outside of amusing stories. I would hate to see these macros become regular parts of the game. I’m quite happy to give my fellow puggers the benefit of the doubt @ the start of the run, but that’s probably why I enjoy them more than others.
    I probably ran around 1000 instances and never had a healer complain about lifetap. I find it hard to believe it belongs in your macro.
    I do not life tap all that often, but many warlocks are running glyph of life tap which gives them 50% of their spirit as spell power for 40 seconds. Any warlock running this is not going to lifetap only after the boss (good warlocks use lifetap rank 1 for this). Ret-pallies do not just cut themselves after the boss. Warlocks are very self healing most of the time if they lifetap they will re-heal themselves quickly. They likely are not needing or expecting a heal from you, and it is more efficient for them to lifetap and eat then lifetap and drink in many cases. If you run with warlocks in raids they will definitely lifetap. Either rarely or every 40 seconds (as mentioned above). Because I run an isl build with no glyph of lifetap, I can often go entire raid fights without lifetapping, plus I regularly provide replenishment fot the raid. The one reason I will life tap (rank 1) before a fight several times is to pump up the illustrios dradon soul trinket or to maintain its buff. Any small damage I incurr will be quickly healed as my dps gets returned to me as health. Also most warlocks will be smart about lifetapping in a fight, and use potions, etc… As appropriate.

    • Firespirit says:


      You are absolutely the exception to the rule when it comes to life tap. In this past week, I have literally been grouped with 3 different locks who were at 95% mana, hit their biggest lifetap, and then immediately call for heals. No, not ask. Im talking “dude, I just lifetapped, you noob, heal me.” There was even one lock, I think, just like was mentioned in Tam’s post, that nearly lifetapped himself to death (Hint: Dont lifetap on phase 3 of the black knight fight if you are running with a pally healer!).

      I’d have to say that your overall pug experience seems vastly different than what I am getting. Perhaps I will que up as DPS more often 🙂

  3. red says:

    btw I see they nerfed mele damage on marrow in icc 10 man. So tank healing should be easier next time you try it.

  4. Imhoughtep says:

    So I have a thought. Healers are a fairly necessary part of the group, and are obviously in high demand, since anytime I queue I get grouped in under a minute typically. Why then, do we take so much crap from tanks and DPS? Evidence exists that if we stand up for ourselves, the offenders will typically back down (reference: NoobCow in the previously linked article by Tamarind). Also, It doesn’t sound like you have been vote-kicked yet.

    I have made my own macro. Mine is pretty focused at the tank. I do not make any claims to sufficiency such that I can determine whether DPS is dieing from pulling aggro, or getting AoE’ed to death. I heal-blast everyone. I think it is easier for a tree to do that, anyway. Wild Growth covers everyone in melee (close to the tank), Rejuv can roll on all party members easily, and nourish is my “oh, crap” button. I spend most trash pulls outside the 5sr, and my mana is pretty much above 90% the whole time. Boss fights can see me down to 50% mana if I have to chain a few nourishes across multiple party members, but WG and Rejuv are always (usually! lol) up, Lifebloom fills the gaps, and nourish remains the panic button.

    My frustration is the sprint-tank. Warriors seem the worst offender, since they ‘charge’ the second it is available. Problem is, as the healer, I hang back by the casters. Right or wrong, I am not quite so focused on the mobs health, as I am watching my team mates. As soon as the tank sees the last HP drop, he runs off towards the next pack. I see the mob fall, and look for my sparklies. By the time I get to the corpse, the warrior has already hit charge into the next pack. If I let him die, then “WTF! Durid, you suxxor losr no haelz!” or, I pass up my loot, chase after the tank, and “swiftmend-wildgrowth-rejuv-nourish-nourish-lifebloom-lifebloom’ the tank back from the brink of death.


  5. leah says:

    Cross server ignore list.

    my best friend right now.

    generally as tank or a healer, you’ll never really have issues with finding groups, especially tanks, which I’ve noticed contributes a great deal to excessive douchebaggery I’ve been seeing from certain pvp servers.

  6. Lorgrath says:

    I’ve been having a fantastic time with the new tool. However, although I always pick tank/healer, I’m a tank 100% of the time. Not once have I been selected to heal. Kinda says something about the tank shortage situation. Being on the other side of the fence is pretty fantastic.

    I think the expectation is to get these done as fast as possible, hence why the tanks tend to rush. I know I do. I did full clears of H OK and H UK last night in under an hour. It’s just the nature of the tool and a downside of its success. People can hop in to groups so fast now that everything has been sped up. I have had pug groups run in and start pulling (me being the tank) while I’m still buffing. That kind of stuff is crazy but to be expected. Kind of like pug raids where there’s always someone shouting “gogogogoogogo” while you are explaining the strategy.

    I think for most it’s largely just an adjustment in play style. These pugs are going to be fast and furious because most people are just chain running these things to get badges and move on to the next heroic. Unfortunately, that’s what happens when you make it really easy to get pug groups and a reasonable reward from easy content.

  7. Tamarind says:

    Wooooot – I’m glad the macro is working for you. Also laughter is a good reaction, usually I get dead silence or called a douchedrip (or whatever – nobody has actually called me that yet, and I have to say I’m disappointed).

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