Is Lore Driving Your Raid?

Last night I went with a regular group of guildies to get the last achievement for my Glory of the Hero (Yay!  I am now a proud owner of my 3rd proto drake – the first being my violet drake, the second being the blue one).  It was Less-Rabi, which is the most rediculously frustrating … Continue reading

iPad – Will It Be An iDud?

I am just curious.  What do you all think about it? Personally, I think it is just a bigger, slightly tuned down iPhone.  And don’t get me wrong, I love the iPhone.  I can’t live without mine anymore. But I was expecting, you know, an actual tablet computer, not just a larger iPhone. App store … Continue reading

Gear Isn’t Heroic – Dealing With Gear Resets Better

Yes, I know. It sounds pretty leetist right there, doesn’t it? But hear me out. I previously wrote about how I disliked how heroics are currently implemented. As it is right now, heroics are FAR too easy, they pose no challenge. They also dump extremely experienced (noticed I didn’t use talented there 🙂 ) people … Continue reading

…And Then

The Bard can now weave many tales: With loremaster complete, I logged off of Fire with a heavy sense of accomplishment.  For those of you who have, or are contemplating, finishing up loremaster, know that it is definitely a marathon. ***** The easiest zone:  SMV.  No, really.  Usually you will have to go through … Continue reading

Heroics are not so… Heroic… Anymore

You have all experienced it by now, I am sure.  That group you get into for the Random Heroic one day that just dosen’t click.  Pulls are off, healing is not there, tanking is all over the place, and everything is taking FOR.EV.AR. to kill because you either have DPS that aren’t pulling their fair … Continue reading

ICC Primer – Ret, Holy, and Prot

Alright, so many of your have already been into Icecrown so far.  My guild made is up to Deathbringer this week.  However, there are many peeps out there (Tamarind) that have yet to really experience it.  So here is your primer for the first wing of ICC.  Full, Detailed bossfight strats will follow later. Trash … Continue reading

Random PSA’s

Alright, here we are in a new year, ready to rip roar our way through our resolutions, be it in game, or out.  One of the most popular is, of course, getting in shape.  I wouldn’t have ever mentioned anything except TJ, one of those bloggers that I always read, and really need to add … Continue reading

Money, Money, Money…. Monah!

So, as you all well know by now, I have adamantly been pursuing Loremaster.  You all may think that I am torturing myself, but nah.  I love questing.  I love it as much as I love raiding.  I do it to relax.  And with old world getting ready to be blown all to hell, I … Continue reading

Welcome Back! And A Happy New Year!

Good Monday morning happy readers! Yes, I am trying to cheer myself into thinking that this Monday, after the extended break was…   tolerable.  In reality I came to no less than 300 e-mail in my inbox, and a truly overflowing inbox full of all kinds of files – not to mention voicemails. Anyway, normal … Continue reading