Money, Money, Money…. Monah!

So, as you all well know by now, I have adamantly been pursuing Loremaster.  You all may think that I am torturing myself, but nah.  I love questing.  I love it as much as I love raiding.  I do it to relax.  And with old world getting ready to be blown all to hell, I figured that I would like to go back and do all of those quests before they get blown up.

Anyway, just a quick pointer – If you happen to find yourself in old world doing fun stuff like questing, rather than grinding out those dailies – you don’t have to lose *all* of your income.  Especially if you have an enchanter and/or tailor, you can be rolling in the dough.

DON’T vendor anything that can have any use.  Un’goro soil?  AH it.  Morrowgrain that you got? AH it.  Any BoE greens? DE them and AH them.  Cloth?  Either AH the cloth, or better yet, send it to your tailor to craft simple greens and DE.  Then AH the DE mats.  Lowbie meat for cooking?  AH them.  Lowbie Mana Pots and Health Potions – either use them (especially mana pots if you are a caster), or sell them.  Lowbie mana pots are a GOLD mine.  No joke.  A single lesser mana pot on my server can go from 50-75s each.

Outlands are even better.  The enchant mats are nothing short of highway robbery – higher in most cases than Northrend dusts and essences.  Again, DE the greens, Craft the cloth into greens and de them, and you will have a gold mine.  Well, maybe not.

Just to give you a metric to measure by, I did a little under 400 quests in Eastern Kingdoms, and a little more than 300 in Kalimdor, both high and low areas, and I make over 3k off of the items alone, not counting quest turn ins.

It may take a bit of time, but there is gold in them thar quests.

One Response to “Money, Money, Money…. Monah!”
  1. Ophelie says:

    I made a fair amount of gold while finishing up Loremaster too. Between doing that and leveling a lowbie alt, I discovered that low level crafting mats sell really well. They drop by the handfuls and are immediately purchased by players leveling new professions.

    Even if you don’t have an enchanter, low level greens still sell pretty well. You’re stuck with deposit costs, but they’ll usually sell for the same price as the mats resulting from a DE.

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