…And Then

The Bard can now weave many tales:


With loremaster complete, I logged off of Fire with a heavy sense of accomplishment.  For those of you who have, or are contemplating, finishing up loremaster, know that it is definitely a marathon.


The easiest zone:  SMV.  No, really.  Usually you will have to go through each zone and find those last few quests… SMV I had an overabundance.  There are still several chains that I havent completed there, that I might just go back and finish just for the lore (Gul’dan questchain is still unfinished).

Hardest Zone:  Ice Crown.  Easily.  By a wide margin.  But not because it is *hard* content, persay.  Just that there are SO many group quests there, and a bunch of them are phased.  So its really difficult to find someone with the requisite quests, as well as being phased properly.  If you have a questing buddy, this zone would rock for you.

Most Frustrating Zone:  By far, Blades Edge.  The quests come down to Ogri’lla which is an old world rep grind.  I must have killed close to 500 mobs for the apexis crystal shards.  Its just a grind.  Not hard, just really time consuming.

Most Time Consuming Zone:  Easily Winterspring.  Back and forth between Felwood, Tanaris, Un’goro, and back to Winterspring.  This zone took probably a combined 5 hours to complete…  by far the lowest quest:zone ratio, but good lord, all the flightpaths.  If there were a flight master faction, I would be exalted by now.


Dungeon Most Run:  Strat.  For EPL quests.  Didn’t mind it so much, really.

Dungeon Not Run:  I avoided WC like the plague.  Probably hurt my Kalimdor quests, but god that place is *hands down* the biggest maze of all the old world dungeons.


Favorite Zone:  Still has to be Howling Fjord.  I can’t wait to take my next toon through there.

Least Favorite Zone:  Hmmm..  This is actually a difficult question.  I would have to say its a toss-up between Desolace and Feralas – with weight towards Feralas because of the FREAKING OCEAN you have to swim back and forth to get to the quest givers (yes, it is faster to swim that then wait for the freaking slow boat).  Weight towards Desolace just because it really was, well, boring.  Kill ten rats, rescue this, grind faction for this, thats it.  Nothing interesting.


Favorite Questline:  There are so many good questlines, its hard to nail one down.  But if I had to really nail it down to one quest chain, it would probably be Pamela and Her Doll (starts in WPL, and then goes back and forth over both plaguelands).  Its heartbreaking storytelling at its best.  Even more epic than the sharpbeak quest of hinterlands.

Least Favorite Questline:  There are a lot of questlines in WoW that are just plain “kill 10 rats.”  And boy howdy, how many rats I have killed.  But discounting that, I have to say the questline that I disliked the most was the Netherdrake Questine.  I wanted the Netherdrake for so long when I was 70, and even 80, that I really had this illusion of grandeur about the questline.  Its actually kind of generic BC quests.  Though at the end you do see Illidan himself, its just overall dissapointing (and grindy as hell).


Hardest Continent to Finish:  Kalimdor.  After doing all the major quests from each zone, I finished up silithus with 35 quests left to go.  You will have to end up hunting and pecking those last few quests, escorts that you missed, dungeons that you missed, etc..  Longest two weeks of my life was filtering through Everyquest (best addon for loremaster ever) to find the ones that I had not done.  Its not a perfect addon, because sometimes it does not log quests properly.  Much wasted time going to find a quest and found out I had really done it, or it was unavailable for whatever reason.

Easiest Continent to Finish:  Outlands.  Northrend was definately easy, there are just so many quests everywhere.  But sometimes I had to wait for someone, or something.  Outlands I could easily solo even 5 man content to complete quests.

Fastest Continent to Finsih:  Eastern Kingdoms.  Mostly because I was a human and did more than half of all quests there.  It took me all of two and a half weeks to do 400 quests.  By comparison, I had 600 quests in kalimdor and it took me nearly 2 months.


Pointers:  Definitely get Everyquest.  It will make searching for the quests much easier, as it tells you what quests you have/have not done in any particular zone.

Make sure you do EVERY escort quest.  I know.  They are a pain, and they are many.  But this is the meat and potatoes of your questing.

Make sure that you REALLY want this.  Because it is a long haul. Taking into account that you did probably about 1500-1700 quests to lvl your toon to 80, when I dinged my loremaster I had done 4298 quests.  That means nearly 3000 quests you need to do.  It is a LOT of work.


So, what now?

Well, I have a DK and a Shadowpriest that will be worked on next.  my DK is one lvl away from Northrend, and my Spriest just hit Outlands.  Eventually the priest will be a holy priest.  We need one badly in the guild.

I have a druid (eventually to be a boomykin) and a huntard that are both below 20.  I enjoy playing them both, so no problems there.

I want a mage and a shaman.  I also want a Lock, but I am going to wait for the xpack – he is going to be a Worgen.  Name already reserved.  I think that takes up all of my character slots for that server.  So Ill have to be content with that until blizz decides to up that.

In the meantime, on Fire, I plan to grind out Shatari Skyguard for the Nether Ray.  Just like the Netherdrake, I have always wanted that mount.

I also have plenty of champions seals to farm out for the Argent Hippogryph, silver covenant hippogryph, and argent pony bridle (I already have the argent charger).

So plenty to do.

Not to mention that we have all of Icecrown to conquer.  Arthas awaits us, and I for one, really want to answer that call with my sword.

6 Responses to “…And Then”
  1. Ten'nen says:

    I’ve seriously contemplated trying to get Loremaster, but it seems like a daunting task…seeing as the next expansion won’t be released until next November at the earliest, I think I might make it a project for next summer. My problem is that the toon I want it on is a Mage, who sadly CANNOT solo a lot of those instances >.< Maybe I'll find a friend who wants to do it with me on a plate wearer?

  2. Ophelie says:

    Yay! Grats on Loremaster!

    I completely agree about the Pamela quest, that is one of my favorites as well. I really love the deep sadness of the Eastern Plaguelands and the quests surrounding Pamela are very well designed.

    Kalimdor was the hardest continent for me too. So much running around and huge empty zones. I estimate that I spent 80% of my active Loremaster time in Kalimdor. If I wasn’t such a quest fanatic, I never would have finished it.

  3. Imhoughtep says:

    GratZ, Fire! Sorry I missed the big event!

  4. Bumbles says:

    Congratulations again!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tzuké says:

    Congrats. I must say that this is high up on my to do list so thanks for all the pointers. If you’re going to do reputation grinding in the future,posts regarding that topic are always welcome 🙂

  6. Dump says:

    Congrats Fire! I have outland and Northrend done just need to finish Eastern kingdoms and Kalimdor, I will def check out that addon you mentioned.

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