Is Lore Driving Your Raid?

Last night I went with a regular group of guildies to get the last achievement for my Glory of the Hero (Yay!  I am now a proud owner of my 3rd proto drake – the first being my violet drake, the second being the blue one).  It was Less-Rabi, which is the most rediculously frustrating of them all.  It pretty much comes down to OMG-WTF-SPAM-INTERRUPTS-OMG-WE-MISSED-RUN-OUT-AND-DONT-KILL-HIM type of mentality.  In any event, we did get him down on the first shot tonight, which was very nice (and I suspect deeply, due to a little help from server lag).

As usual, we were on vent, and chatting.  The topic of raids came up, and our tank mentioned that he never liked Ulduar.

Umm, What?  Really?  That surprised me very much.  I loved Ulduar.  It was nice, shiny, new, and challenging compared to Naxx.

So, after chatting it up some more, and asking him why he didn’t like it so much, he admitted that he thought the difficulty curve was far too steep.  OK, I’ll go with that.  Going into Ulduar, well farmed out in naxx gear, it was not a cakewalk (at least 10 man wasn’t).  We got as far as Hodir before our little group kind of… imploded (but thats ok, no big there – there were IRL issues, and I understand).

But I kind of got to thinking, (at least in my opinion) the second wing of ICC is pretty much harder than anything that we were on in Ulduar.  We never attempted more than 3-4 times on one boss in Uld (Thorum being the noteable exception, we tried 6 times in one night).  Maybe that was due to burnout and IRL issues, I can’t say for sure.  But for comparison’s sake, we spent almost 3 hours (combined, across 2 days) wiping on Deathbringer.  At 5 wipes an hour, that puts us at 15 wipes, more than twice what we ever tried in Ulduar.  And Festergut (who finally took a dirt nap on this past sunday, WOOT!) we did at least as much as Saurfang, if not more.

So, what is driving our raid progress?  Is it just the desire to complete the raid, or is it something more?

After chatting a bit, the tank did say that he would like to complete Ulduar…  After we have downed Arthas.

AH-HA!  There it is.

I think he struck the nail on the head for a lot of people, myself included.  The whole expansion, and one of the most prominent figures in Warcraft history is within our grasp.  I can tell you that *I* at least am BURNING to nuke his ass.

For some of us, we have been with Arthas’ whiney little ass since WC3, and WC3 Frozen Throne.  It was a great game.  Most of the game was centered around him.  Not to mention that the last year of WoW has been pretty much all about him….  It’s going to be EXTREMELY satisfying to see the end of this story.  I’m pretty sure that we may even farm him out on 10 man for other guildies that don’t normally raid, to come in and help kick his butt, so they can see the ending to the story.

So, what about your guild?  Is the lore behind Arthas driving your raid to push to the end?

2 Responses to “Is Lore Driving Your Raid?”
  1. Mawl says:

    OK……..a little commentary from “our tank”. Just FYI, I prefer to be referred to as “Supercool”, “Best Tank EVER!!”, or my favorite “His Most Awesomest”(has a majestic ring to it).

    I’d like to offer some advice regarding the raids now, but first I will lead off with why our old raid fell apart. It wasn’t due to my dislike of Ulduar, but rather my piss poor handling of the offtank situation. Our off-tank increasingly became otherwise preoccupied with something during our Ulduar raids. I don’t know what it was, nor is it my business anyway (could have been watching TV or having personal issues or whatever). Instead of handling it correctly I jumped her ass one night in tells about it. To which she fittingly replied something to the effect of “kiss my ass, have fun finding another tank”. Obviously she was justified, as it wasn’t my place to hammer her but sometimes I’m an ass. So anyway, after that we tried a variety of other offtanks, none of which worked. That’s the point when we stalled.

    I actually stopped our raid due to Freya……..yup, that’s right. I don’t think we ever actually tried her, but in watching the videos I knew it wouldn’t happen. This is one of 2 main problems coming up in our current raid. There’s just no way to explain all the intricacies of some of these encounters without just seeing the video of it, and I couldn’t get everyone to do that. Hopefully you will be more successful. The second problem is “phat lewters”. The people who, since the raid has had success, want to come in and get phat lewt. They want to be summoned in, told stay out of the fire, when the boss does X you do Y, and receive their loot. Only it doesn’t work like that for progression.

    You also have the sucky position of being important in a guild, which is going to make it worse. It’s a no-win situation. If you bring them in, the bosses don’t go down and no loot……everyone is mad. If you don’t bring them in they get mad and guild drama ensues. Good luck with this. So, in closing, I guess I don’t really have any actual advice, but at least I alerted you to some points you…..actually….probably already know about. Guess I have no purpose in this then, oh well. On a side note, I don’t give a darn about lore, don’t ask me why I got Loremaster.

    • Firespirit says:

      Oh Em Gee – Mawl came and posted on my blog. Thanks for visiting!

      And it’s nice to know what happened with our older raid. I have noticed the same sort of things with both of them* in our raids, when they come. So far it hasn’t been a problem, but if it comes up, I’ll at least have history.

      And with the comments you made, it surprises me that you aren’t driven by lore. Hmmmm…..

      Anyway, stop by and post more!

      *I moderated out the name, only so we don’t have any issues.

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